I am here, Melchizedek.

Open up to the Love that you feel more and more. Raise that Love yes, radiating that Love. You will touch others on this earth plane. You will be called upon to share the glad tidings. Understand that it is through Love that this great privilege is being offered to you and not through force feedings. Keep that in mind the next time you wish to keep from me. We operate on different levels. Yet, Divine Love is what draws us.

Please, I ask you to make greater effort in being totally in the Love. Ask that your healings be sustained in the growing knowledge and Love that is there for you. Seek the help of the angels. Know that no one does it alone. Trust in what I have said to be true.

Also understand that you will be called upon to open up. In the opening, be aware that the closet will be cleaned out. It will be aired and revitalized and filled up with a substance that is lighter and brighter, happier and more joyous than you have come to know. We will be there with you to celebrate. So, be prepared. We have much to do.

With my love and blessings, I am your brother, Melchizedek.