Let go of all things that keep us from truly being in the Light. We have different ways of identifying ourselves to you. So, it should not be so unusual when we go beyond what you may deem as our regular introduction to you. Rest assured, those spirits whom we allow to come through, have been tried. We would not allow harm to come to you.

I am brother in the Love, Jesus the Christ. Sometimes, it is necessary to do spiritual housecleaning in order to refocus on the goals and endeavors at hand. Though, you may have had hesitation, in light of the events leading up to a need for honest and open communication. Yet, the aftermath of unspoken words and the compensation would not have caused you to be in a better situation. In that light, there would have been more confusion, as well as a subverted atmosphere whereby, disharmony would show itself.

Let me share that a healing is taking place. It has been needed in this area, not so much for the hearts of those being in the wrong place, but for the misuse of power. One of the things that happens in the misuse of those in positions of power is the need to let go of ego. Ego gets in the way of many good men. Yet, some of those who more zealously proclaim that they are doing the Father’s Will are more or less trying to bend the Father’s Will to their own.

I am only sharing this to assist in bringing closure to those issues that have already been addressed. Ask the Father for mercy. It will be shown to you. Forgiveness is the keystone in taking on more of the Divine Nature of the Father.

I wish to share at this time that if you wish to be in better alignment with soul progression, it would be good to empty yourself, of purging how you view each other from your encounters in the past. This is not to say to any of you, “Do not look at the history of the past to understand the present.” It is to say that if you can look at each other in that moment and find the good, as well as experience the love in each other, you will go a long way in your quest for more cooperation, harmony, and build a better foundation in establishing this kingdom here on earth.

Let me share that this is not just for another, but for the reflection you see peering back at you, in the mirror. I share this with you because some of you are so harsh in your judgment that you fail to see the progress that you’ve made or the unfoldment that is happening. So strong are you in your measurement of yourselves and what you lack.

See what you have gained and already possess. This acknowledgement is also thankfulness in your need to see your worthiness. In seeing your worthiness, you open up, not only to being a deserved son or daughter in the Father’s Kingdom, but you also give permission for the Bounty of the Father to rain down upon you. Are you receiving with open arms of love versus blocking with the shame and doubt of unworthiness?

So, purge yourself of these false beliefs and images of who you really are. Take on the mantle of humble obedience, worthiness and acceptance. Rejoice that your soul is allowed to ring out in being who you really are.

There is also a need here of refamilarizing you with the purpose of what call you heard and answered, in order to have a “sure-footedness” of this path, to the Glory of the Father. Take a moment and recall what turned you away from your earthly pursuits, to a higher calling of your soul’s need to know the Truth. For some of you, it was at a very early age. For others, it has just been awakening for the past few years. In some, not until this moment, hence spoken.

We all have unique relationships with the Father. We take responsibility for the quality of that relationship. The Father is always open to creating a stronger rapport of closeness. Our individual responsibilities in nurturing that relationship is also a key to the health of our souls and whether we are drowning in stagnation or free to pursue all the vastness and richness that the Father allows in our choosing our paths to Him.

Let not one view be what inspires you to come into the Light. If you let go of your comparisons to each other, you will more fully soar and rejoice and be happier than you ever dreamed imaginable.

Let the Love be the Beacon of Light that guides you. You will blossom, eternally, in the joyous raiment of the Father’s Divine Love and manifest the Kingdom here and now. The choice is yours.

The Grace of the Father be with you. I am your beloved brother, in the Divine Love, Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens.