I am here in the Divine Love, your bother and friend Jesus.

It is so satisfying to see the cooperation between you and letting go of those attachments that have tethered you. We see your responses in the Love. We see the seeds of growth and acceptance taking root, as you aspire to go beyond those planes of existence that kept you in habitual circles. We also see the growth in you, not only of letting go of the past, but the hope that has sprung forth in your faith.

The Divine Love shakes you to your roots. It molds you and makes you more of a creature, a spiritual creature of the Father. As you take on these guidelines, as you take on this new foundation, you align yourself in Love. This Love cossets you and molds you. You shake off those things of the natural love and allow in its place, the growth of Divine Love, to become more and more a part of your nature.

Consider this your new raiment, your new holiday outfit. When I say outfit, I don’t just mean what you wear for your Sunday best. I mean that you are taking on those attributes. Those traits are inherent in a soul that is opening to the Grace of our Heavenly Father. You are becoming a new creature. This is fitting you to inhabit those spheres of existence that are beyond the earth plane. You are also being inspired with visions that you have kept hidden because you were mired down in those thoughts that were limiting.

Understand that it is with cooperation, your cooperation, that we are able to assist you. Understand also, that it is through your free will that the Love takes hold of your souls. Yes, the Father creates the Divine Love, but you do your part in being open to receive It’s inflowing. We pray with you for a deeper inflowing of that Love.

As you let go of that false belief, of who you truly are, you let go and establish a space to open up for the Truth to be made known to you, of your true nature. As you let go of those inhibiting thoughts, habits and false beliefs of whom you thought you were or have borrowed beliefs from others that have shaded how you thought you heard, versus the truth of knowing. Let go of the resentments. Let go of the prejudice. See the Truth in the present of what is and is not. Receive the Healing Balm of the Divine Love. It unshackles your heart and frees you of the pain and suffering that your mind has held onto from the past. I ask you, each, to allow yourself the freedom that this Love does bring.

Allow the Divine Love to enter into your soul and bath you in a beauty of the blessings that are here for you to partake of where you have been found worthy. In this place, the soul expands in joyfulness. In this place, your mind is put into a stupor where your soul enters ascendancy.

In this ascendancy, the shortcomings of your mind are absorbed and transmuted. The Father’s Love allows you that peace that passeth all understanding. Your will is not fighting. You allow the Father’s Love and with your permission, His Will prevails.

Allow your soul to soar. It is beautiful to behold. We know you. We love you. Accept yourself. Know yourself. Forgive yourself and each other. When you come together, touch on those things that allow you to expand in the Love. Forgive each other. Share the knowledge and give freely.

The Love replenishes you. Many gifts, beyond measure, are yours for the asking. Immerse yourself in the Love. There will be no space in you, but to give love and seek it in each other. Assist each other in supporting the expansion of the truth, beauty and the knowledge of the Father’s Kingdom.

Behold, our Father is generous. Know and allow your soul to sucker in this Truth. Let go of the suffering of the past. It does not serve you. Here, in this moment, welcome the Love and the joy. The transformation that you seek is here. Release your mind. Release your suffering. The Father sends His angels to assist you in your infirmities, be in whatever form they take.

As you are in the Love, the Love does its work and makes you a new creature. Do not resist. Ask for mercy. You will be filled with the Light and the Love of our Heavenly Father and expand in goodness and grace.

Let go of your suffering of the mind and allow your soul to allow the Light that is generously offered to each and every one of us. Drink deeply of the cup before you. Allow yourself to glow in the Bounty of the Love. Be a host of this Light and Love to shine forth from each footfall you take.

Wherever your eyes fall upon another, caress them in the Love. Allow your words to be a smoothing balm of Light. Touch as a creature of the Father in every sense of the word. Allow this metamorphosis to be upon you, each.

We welcome you home. We welcome you to manifest the Kingdom here on earth, as you accept being the spiritual beings you are. Allow your coats of flesh to be healed and glow with a Heavenly Light. We have much work to do. The Father’s Harvest is upon you, each. See and know the Truth of the transformation of the Pentecostal blessing upon you, each.

Give glory, love and honor to our Heavenly Father, in leading your lives in the Truth of the Love.

Love and blessing be with to you each, I am your brother in the Christ Spirit, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens and humble brother, who is touched by what he sees, here. My blessings to you each.