The Father’s blessings be with you each. I am your friend and brother, Jesus.

Yes, the Father’s Love has been felt and His healing deep. Give thanks to our Heavenly Father for this opportunity in receiving your Love. “We rejoice in the transforming qualities of Your Love. Our souls have a need of these healings and the peace that Your Love brings to us.”

It is when you so fully pray to the Father that you get the full benefits of His Love and transforming Grace.

You keep mentioning the next level. Well yes, it is aspiring for more of the Love and it is also allowing yourself to be open to the deepness and the depths of the Love in your lives. What that will mean for you, is that there will be more quality times for you to feel His Love transforming you, changing you. Asking the Father to work on those parts of you that you have kept hidden and not let the Light shine on. Those parts of you that are most tender, that you do not really want to observe and that you cover up. Those parts of you that you are not that impressed with. Those are the parts of you that need to see the Light to be looked at and accepted by you. For they are part of you, too.

In the acceptance, the offering up and letting go and the humility and humbleness that comes with this truth presented before you, you will ask the Father that if this part of you no longer serves you, that it be transformed. That you get the lesson and know it. In this humble state, ask for forgiveness and to be transformed in the Love. In this space of compassion that you, in learning your lesson, be able and accepting of where you are and who you are. Learn empathy and compassion enough to see another, not in a frame of judgment, but in a frame of understanding and compassion. Create a safe space for yourselves and others where there is a healing, where there is ground between you for allowing the work on yourselves, as well as others. Let this be at a pace that works for the individual and is not hurried along or covered over, or pointed out in ridicule because we mirror what we need to work on individually. If there is energy, then what is it in yourselves that you see in the other that still needs work on?

I am not saying that we are blinded by what is and is not in the truth. I am saying that we learn to share and accept and grow, even though growth for some will be in an instant and with others it will take years. We will grow. Nor is this to say that we accept evil and sin, (which is not being in harmony with the Father’s laws). What I am saying is to learn to pray to invoke the Father’s Law of Mercy. In that mercy learn forgiveness and compassion and understanding and the transformation of the Love that supersedes any other previous ones. For the Law of the Father’s Love, His Divine Love, works on the cause. It does not displace the Law of Compensation, but it transforms the cause so that the cause is dissolved.

So, learn your lessons in many forms and many places and be surprised that it becomes easier for you, for eventually it shall. Have enough love within your heart to be there for each other and if you cannot be there, do not become part of the problem. Ask for protection and mercy and pray, even when your fellows may not be able to pray. Pray, not in a fashion that brings attention to yourselves, but in a way that is merciful and loving. The Father does not need a stage show. Your connection with Him is a private matter.

Yes, we pray with you and the Love that ensues is such a healing for all of us. Yes, it creates a deep and profound force field that can be felt by all of those around. That beacon of Love reverberates and is felt in the spirit world, as well. The Love draws those souls that so hunger and have been listening. Yes, they heed the call. When they come, do not turn them away.

Call upon us for assistance and we will help you. The Father so loves each and every one of us. The Father so wants us to be in harmony. Yet, the Father will not force any one of us. We have that great gift of free will. When we ask that our free wills be turned over to the Father and that His Will prevail, (not any of ours, and our puny egos, but His Will prevails), how much more rapid the progress is. How much more easily steps forward become. How much more easily the harmony that prevails and the rapport that is made and those circles of souls of like emanation come in contact with each other.

Thank your Heavenly Father for His blessings. Thank your Heavenly Father for these opportunities. Thank your Heavenly Father for His merciful Wisdom, Love, Joy and Happiness that He wishes to be make manifest in our lives. We have much, much to be grateful for. Take this opportunity to not only feel the Love, joy, and happiness the Father brings to you. Take this time to give our finite love to the Father and be His true children. Make this a joyous occasion in every since of the word, a Happy Father’s Day to your Father in the Love.

Our Father is so bountiful in His Love to us and so provides for His children. If you were to stay in the Love and on this foot path, you would want for naught. All the Love and the joy and the blessings that abound, be open to them. Express your thanksgiving to the Father who loves you so deeply.

I thank you Father for blessing me with the opportunity to share this Love with my brothers and sisters. I love you each. Continue to pray and be in the Father’s Love. His Kingdom is near.

With my love and blessings, I am your elder brother, Jesus the Christ.

My blessings to you each.