I am here, Lambeth, a true follower of our master, Jesus the Christ.

You know much about the Divine Love. Yet, if you wish the integration of the Love manifested more on the physical, you need to let go of those patterns of thought that keep you bound into the familiar of your daily lives upon this planet, Earth. By that, I mean for your soul to be in ascendancy, you need to let go of the restraints that you place upon how you function in your day to day life.

What this comes down to is a stronger commitment to praying to be in condition, not only to receive the Love, but also to be open and guided by the influences of the Love. Your spirit guides come to you, share with you, and try to influence you and turn your thoughts closer to the Father. Sometimes, we want to be in control of our lives rather than trusting in another. In order for the Father’s Will to prevail, you must make a conscious effort to put your will aside, so that the higher good may prevail.

Fear may come up for you. Fear may come up because a need is there to know what is happening and what is going on. These are not what is important at this time. What is important is the direction your soul is guiding you. If the Love is saying to “make a right turn” and you are still persisting in “making a left,” that block or that “curve that stubs your toe” is just the consequences you reach when you are trying to make the Love do what you wish, rather then the other way around.

So, I say to you, ask to know the Truth and invoke the Law of Mercy. What is it that you are not aware of? What is it that you are not hearing? What is it that you cannot stomach? What is it that you cannot take in, breathe in, and allow to flow? Look at the spiritual cause? There are thoughts that are being held that are blocking the Love to flow. How are you absorbing the lesson? How are you allowing in the Love?

Fear can keep you frozen. Fear lets you know that you are alive. Fear can be used in many ways. Ask to know the truth. When the truth is given to you, have the courage to face it.

When you go into fear, you break off the connection you have with your Heavenly Father, as well as your spirit band. Then you close down and forget that you are not alone. Do not see yourself as a victim. See yourself as being presented with some choices that are facing you. In that moment, ask for help. Ask for mercy. Ask to be open to the influences of the Love. If you take the time to pause and listen, you will receive an answer. You will rediscover your connection. You will feel the healing. The mercy and the Love will prevail. You do have free will.

Sometimes, the hardest lesson could be easy except for the kicking and screaming and yelling we do to drown out the Truth that is right there, in front of our noses. Yet, we still do not want to see it.

Pride comes before the fall. Yes, that is a saying that is true. Yet, it is humility that will open the door. So, it is with humility that we learn and take the most tentative steps forward. Because in humility, we are saying that we do not necessarily know the answer, but we are willing to trust and put our faith in the Father, guided by His Love.

If ever you find yourself out of touch, take a moment and recenter yourself in the Love. It is in this Love that you will find yourself on the right path. It is in this Love that you will truly seek to know and be joined by others. You will see that it was not as dark as you had imagined it to be.

Pray, humbly pray. Ask to be bathed in this blessed state. Come to know your Father. Come to know yourself. We have much to say to you, but take this time and give thanks to your Father. He is providing for you and caring for you in a way that no other shall. Dwell in the Kingdom of the Father’s Divine Love. You will be made whole.

Glory to our Father. I am your friend and brother, Lambeth, a true follower of our master, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.