I am your brother in the Divine Love, Joseph. I ask that you each give
thanks to our Heavenly Father for the opportunity to dwell in a state of grace and for your soul to take on more of His Divine Love then you have ever done before. I am grateful to the Father for this opportunity to share with you and to have you realize that we, who come to you, from time to time, during those times, when you are at prayer, also come to help influence you and turn your thoughts more to the Father’s Plan.

We have an investment in the realization of more souls becoming more aware of what their true purpose is. The more that you pray to receive the Divine Love and ask for assistance, (especially during those times when you allow yourselves to be bogged down in those things that aren’t exclusively devoted to those things of the soul and its relationship to the Father), well then, all the more reason for you to ask for assistance.

We come here, today, to share with you the necessity for you to be clear in your intention and why it is so important for you to take on more of the Divine Love. You, who know of this Love, have had occasions to experience the beauty of the Father’s Love finding a more profound lodgment in your souls. An expansion of your souls in that Love has been allowed to come into condition where there is more harmony in your lives. You have let go of those shackles that have kept you chained to the “bane of human existence, “ where you have been, from time to time, all caught up in those things that allow humankind to forget that they are more spiritual beings than that of the animal nature.

You who have the opportunity for your soul to be able to rise up above those troubles and worries that plague mankind. Know that there is more hope, more Love, more joy available to each of you, if you will only embrace, more sincerely, the Divine Love that is here for you.

I share this with you as an acknowledgement and a reminder to understand that it is not through your efforts alone that changes are taking place. Yes, the Soul of the Father is involved with the growth of Divine Love. We, as His “foot soldiers,” as we may be called, are assisting souls, both in the spirit world and here in the earth plane alike, in bringing about those conditions that will most assist in helping mankind to understand what is needed for there to be a realization of this Divine Love in their lives and to give hope to many souls.

It was not idle thoughts that brought you here to establish a church, to establish a seminary, to establish a ministry. Those were high purposes. They weren’t so much mired in the human need for personal gain, as they were enthused with what was necessary to motivate you to put more faith in the Father and to go forth, in His Name, in bringing about the realization of His Kingdom here on earth.

So, as your thoughts have been holding to that purpose, I ask you to more fully commit to those things that are a higher spiritual cause and you will help in manifesting a more ideal situation that will help us in manifesting these places here, in your lifetime, in this place known as Hawaii. I share this with you for you to realize that your efforts are not in vain. You have been purging yourself of those things that have kept you in stagnation and those things that you have needed to cleanse within you each.

I ask for you to be more aware of the healings that are taking place. Yes, those healings of needing support, those healings in going forward, and the healings that have reminded you that as you manifest the Divine Laws in this home, in your consciousness, in your beings, there will be a greater manifestation outside of yourself, where you will see and be able to set down firmer roots and create that atmosphere that is welcoming and generating a “clarion call” to souls to come and manifest the Divine Love.

Do not be afraid of your purpose. Do not be hesitant to ask for help. Do not be hesitant to see around you the manifestation of those changes that have been influenced by the Father’s Divine Love made manifest in your lives. Rejoice in the Love and be gladdened for you, who are and have been on this path, are on the mark and you will radiate, more and more of this Love to help supply you with the necessary means for you to assist in bringing about the Salvation of Mankind and His Word of Hope, as well as, “Welcome to all who seek.” So, remember who you are and your purpose here and you will be gladdened and free from your ills.

I am your brother in the Divine Love, Joseph, a true follower of our master and my son, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens and beloved follower of our Lord, God.