… Let the Love bathe and encompass you, soothe you and help you with knowledge. What is really so, what is really important, who you really are — Do you feel your connection with the Father? Trust in that Love, that gentleness, that implicit peacefulness. Understand how special you are. How well thought of an attended you are. Can you begin to imagine what is in store for you in the Celestial Kingdom? This being such a small whisper of things to come.

You are becoming. You are being. You are evolving, progressing. Yes, you have a long way to go. Yet, how far you have come. Allow that Love to embody you. Experience that joy. Dwell in that Love. If you allow yourselves to dwell in that Love, humbling asking for mercy and assistance, no harm will befall you therein the Love. Trust in the Love. Take this level with you. Be centered in the Love. Know no bounds to its glory. Yet, there is so much more. Yes, become a dweller in the Kingdom of the Father’s Celestial Heavens. Feel what this Love means to you and come closer and closer to meeting who your Father is and knowing the joy that we have. In coming to know us, be at peace.

I am happy for you and will come again. I am your brother and friend, Joseph.