I understand that you have been concerned about some aspects and the doubts that I received in coming into a better understanding of my son’s mission. Let me just say that I always wanted the best for him.

He knew he had my love.

It was just that I saw through the eyes of a father, who thought that the destiny and fulfilling of the Scripture, as well as the history of our descendents would end in a great liberation of my nation coming from under the yoke of the Roman legions. We had suffered for so many years from many dominant nations subjugating us to their laws and regulations. We were hoping that that stranglehold would be broken and that my son, Jesus, would liberate us and elevate us to a position whereby we, who were the chosen people, would come into our full glory.

I am sorry to say that it was only after the passing over of my son, and injustice that was treated to him by those, whom I was in allegiance with, that I saw the shallowness of my desires.

I want to say this. I was guilty of shortsightedness, but not of my love for him. Yes, I was in fear. I thought that the punishment meted out for him would be rained down upon my family, not just myself, which was the reason that I left.

Nevertheless, as you have read, I too saw the Light and went out to do as my son had taught me to do, by his example, in preaching the Great Gift of Rebestowal, which was the real treasure. I did not see until after the fact.

I, with my sons disciples, and now you each joining with us, have an opportunity to share so much. You, who are in a more privileged position than we were, not necessarily in monetary terms, but in terms of the Love, support and enlightenment that is here, have the opportunity to make a greater impact in the world.

Yes, I know the joy of the Divine Love in my soul. As one who has seen many come and go who were almost ready, but weren’t quite and used excuses for why they didn’t fully utilize the opportunities given, I share with you. Do not allow yourself to pass over with a heart filled with remorse over what you could have done. You can do much more than you already do.

This does not in any way neglect from your obligations on this earth plane. We will be with you. When I say we, I mean myself as a representative and many others to help assist you in implementing more details on the Father’s Plan of Salvation for Mankind.

One thing that will help you, just in terms of getting up high enough to see beyond the so-called “limitations and obligations of this earth life” is this. We will direct you in pursuing a livelihood that will be conducive and supportive of carrying out the Father’s Work.

Hold this thought more firmly in your faith. Trust that this will be brought about. This will do much to abate any feelings of tension and worry. You will be lightened and your heart gladdened. You will know how much you are being well kept and provided for.

This is not to say that you will be reckless. It is to say that we see more than you do. Indications will be given to you.

So, trust in that Love. Understand that you are becoming more and more accustomed to our presence, even though you don’t allow yourself to be aware on it to quite the degree that your soul’s perception are open to.

Remember, you asked for a greater integration of the Love. We are more real than some of your closest friends. We have been your intimate friends for many years and have come faithfully, prayed with you, and shared much.

You must know that we see what has been sincere and what has been lacking. We will help you with reminders of the lesson. Your soul will be more open to a joyous new level of response in the Love.

Your words will be heard. The truth will ring out. You will be inspired by us in this very detailed and minute understanding of what it will take for you to be fully prepared and equipped to share these truths with the world.

So, do not panic. Remember your connection with the Father. If you can remember to eat to nourish your physical bodies, well, consider tripling your prayer time to your intake of food. That will go a long way to a greater opening up of the Love.

I only mention this as a basis of comparison, in terms of how much you are praying privately, as well as collectively.

You have our love and the support and Love of our Heavenly Father.

Trust in this and you will not go astray.

My love and blessings, I am your friend and teacher in the Love, for I have been well taught by my son. I am your friend and brother, Joseph, a follower of my son, Jesus the Christ, whose Heavenly Father, is a Father to us all, to His Divine Kingdom of Love.