I am here, Joseph of Arimathea.

I feel that it is important for you to consider the state of your souls. By this I mean the healthy condition of your soul. There has been some stagnation in your soul’s development. What we are trying to do in urging you to pray, more often and more deeply, is for you to go through the barrier that keeps you from going on to the next level.

There is a reluctance here, in terms of you not knowing what the next level is that manifests itself as a fear or a doubt. Which is one of the main reasons for the disruptions that happen during service, is not understanding what is going on.

We are saying that you will be talking in another language. It will be in a higher level of consciousness and understanding. You will know a blissful state for an extended period of time that you have nothing to compare to. By this, I mean that you will be in harmony with each other. Which is not to say that you will not have disagreements, because you will. It is just to say that you will find a better way of resolving your issues. Yes, you will be in a more prayerful state and open to encouraging others. We will not have to keep nudging you on this because you will be more of an example of this Love being manifested. This is just but a small part of what we are trying to create here.

So, understand when we ask you to pray and to pray deeply. Come eagerly. Think of it as someone throwing diamonds, gemstones and gold or whatever it is that makes you happy. In some instances, for you, it would be chocolate. (You know whom I am talking to.) Look at it as an opportunity to have both kinds of treasures. Believe me, this will be a treasure that you will not be able to measure in such low standards. It is priceless.

So, I ask you to take the time and come to know the Father. Be thankful for the opportunities that He gives you.

I am your friend and brother, Joseph of Arimathea.