You have been told before, one soul’s experience in the Love may differ from another’s. Your soul knows the Love. It readily responds. The only comparisons that are made are those the mind and its limited capacity try to set forth. However, this is the domain of the soul and as such, it has precedence.

Your existence in the Love, your progression in the Love, have a direct connection to your soul’s aspiring. This can neither be forced or coerced, but with your free will in rapport with the Laws of Attraction, as well as the Holy Spirit.

You will excel forth and take on more of these attributes as you see and let go of those veils of hesitation and doubt.

You have so many of us here encouraging you. So many of us have watched your growth, encouraged you, and loved you. See the deservedness of this nurturance. You have been unfolding, blossoming, dropping those habits, those associations, and those views that no longer serve you in this stage of your progression.

I share this with you for you to understand that you are not giving up so much as you are lightening your load. You are getting to a honing of your skills. A fine tuning of that foundation that was laid long ago. We find this structure to be sound. Open up to the gifts, the joy and the Love that you have aspired to.

God is merciful. He knows us best. The Love is unfolding as it should. Your growth, if it be measured, is in a different form than it was this time a year ago. You are not making excuses. Nor are there apologies necessary.

You are seeing with a clearer vision. We wish to address that clarity as you set your sights on the work before you. Now, I use the word work, but a better word for it is “your fulfillment”.

We have given you many tools over the years. Some you have mastered. Others, you are still working with. Here is another. See the good in all things.

The lessons, the Love, yes, spiritually and physically, see the Love.

Do not try to reform It. It cannot be done. Accept what you can and allow the rest to do what It wishes. You will absorb only what you need. In that capacity, in that acceptance, the integration will happen. In this integration, in this reforming, you will become stronger, more vital, more gifted than ever before.

No, you are not doing this alone. Of course, you have our support.

The Father sees your heart and the nobility of your soul. If you could see as we do, what a joy you would see that we behold.

Your environment is changing. Your heart is changing. Your soul is open. You are ready and the Love has responded to you. There are so many who wish to share and do not know how. You who have been blessed, you who have been given much, don’t be afraid to trust enough to fulfill those wishes, those desires, those aspirations that you have harbored for many years.

Touch on a soul level and see how the doors open to you. Give with your heart and feel the welcome expectation that has been anticipated by many. There are many hands upon you assisting you along the way.

We have accepted you long ago and we have not turned away.

The Kingdom is here. If you wish to fully be awakened in the Love, than pray to know the Truth. Accept it and go forth. Mercy has already been invoked. Stop looking back and go forward in the Love.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Joseph, a redeemed son of our Father and partaker of the Divine Love in the Celestial Kingdom. Rejoice in the Love.