I am here, John the Baptist.

Well, as you know, sometimes it is not that easy to get through, depending upon your condition. When the opportunity arises, there are times that it is more beneficial for others to speak, so they speak.

I wish to share with you tonight, an understanding of what we are trying to do here. I wish for you to get in condition to receive more messages. Be receptive, not to just what we are saying to you (and that is important), but also for you to be able to recognize us on a more personal level. For you to understand us a little more, to become as it were, more of a friend and feel our different personalities for you to be at ease with us. We wish to be friends with you, as well. I know that it is not easy, at times, to change your work-a-day habits, but you are. Ask to have stronger faith in what we are doing. Know that we are working with you on this. We wish for this to be an opportunity that supports you, not as a chore because this is a work of love that we are supporting here.

In creating this work of love, it is to be done in love and reverence. You must understand this. The tone is just as important as the work. The results will ring hollow or rather the endeavor will be hollow if it is not understood and felt as the joyous undertaking that it is.

So, as your grandmother tried to remind you, set the tone as well. I wish to acknowledge and thank you, Tod, for the work that you are doing for us. Also, to say that you are special. We love and care about you and pray for you often. We see what a wonderful heart that you have and the love that is here. You are a strong, joyous, voice that we will be using more often. I want you to be able to be able to feel the love and share what it has meant to you. Let that be a guide for you in terms of assisting you with your web page and communications to people because it is tangible to you. You express it in your bubbling laughter and your ability to put others at ease, which is a gift. It will be conveyed.

Now, to focus on what I wish to share with you tonight, your souls’ progression is important to each of us. I ask for you to allow this to be at the forefront of what you do. Think of your souls’ progression. I would like you to put it in the context of how you would treat an evolving, special, child. This is not to say that your souls are children, not at all. This is to say that I wish for you to be open to a different point of view. Yes, a different point of view and oh yes, it does thrive and shine and grow with the inflowing of Love. Allow that Love to expand and integrate into the rest of your lives. It is going to be manifested on the grosser plane here. That will do a lot towards attracting others to you and to share this Love. You have to also share it with each other. By sharing it with each other, look at how you are responding to each other in the Love, appreciating each other.

Let this not be just amongst the two of you, but also reflect to your children, as well. For they will follow your lead. Be aware of the greater process here. Remember to ask to be in the Love, for it is a state of being, as well. What you had asked for, was to consciously be in the Love, even when you were not directly involved in prayer. Let your actions be a prayer unto themselves, in terms of how you are creating, existing and dancing in the Love. Let it be an offer to the Father, in terms of the joy you put into it, the enthusiasm you put into it, the reverence you put into it.

Do you have an inkling of what I am saying to you? Tod, you have a question. You may ask it……

Answer: The way to reach your mother is to be honest with yourself and be in the Love. I think you know what I mean. This is not a game we play. I see into your heart. I also see the wisdom that you have. No one would change another. So, what I am saying to you is that you have to change your focus. Then I will extract myself from you, in terms of sharing with you that you have to want to know the truth. Let me say this to you. Teach the spirits. Be open to the Love. Know that on a certain level you are being heard. Now, whether that is accepted or not is totally out of your capability, at this point. It is best for you to always be centered in the Love, regardless of what is happening with the rest of the spirits you encounter. That includes the spirits you see on a day to day basis. I ask for you to ask for mercy and to call upon us to assist you. Know that you are in good company.

My cousin, Jesus, is with you often. You have a special camaraderie. This is good. What also helps is to be able to trust in yourself. Know that your abilities are expanding in the Love. It is good to be joyful because you open up the possibilities and lift the spirits of most of those whose whom you encounter. I say most of those, in that, sometimes it is better to reflect and be in the moment and allow others to come to you. You will know more of what I speak of in your future.

Pray, pray and pray some more. Feel the Love that is here for you. Be strengthened in that Love. Trust in that Love. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, for it will be given to you.

I will come again. We will talk more. Feel the Love. Know how blessed you are, each of you. I am your friend and brother in the Father’s Love, John the Baptist, a follower of our master, Jesus the Christ.