I am here, your brother, John, apostle of Jesus. Yes, it has been a while since I have spoken. Yet, I see that there is an earnestness of soul that is here trying to struggle above the confines of the mind. Believe in the Father and His Love for you. The good will show forth.

You have said that you wish to pray and be a congregation in the Love.

Well, this is being brought about. In order for you to honor this congregation, what are you willing to give? What are you willing to contribute? What are you willing to set aside in order for this to be brought into fruition?

We have shared with you, over the weeks, over the months, over the years, that your numbers would increase. We have also shared with you, (praying to receive the Love), that your soul would come to a point where you would have an opportunity, not only to grow in the Love, but also that Divine Love be made manifest in your earth lives more and more.

Therefore, I share with you, “How often have you been in that state of grace? If not as often in the past, what has changed inside of you that is preventing that?” “What are you willing to do in order to get out that state of stagnation and progress in the Love?”

I am putting it to you this way for you to understand that you have free will. You have exercised that free will. So, now I share with you, “Shall we go forward in the Love?” “Or shall we stand perched and afraid?” In that state you continue to attract those situations that add to, instead of dissipating those things that keep you from being in a higher consciousness of Love.

There needs to be more trust and honesty. Also, ask for more mercy and forgiveness. We see your patterns. We know you better than you think we do, better than even yourselves, as we see more than do you. We can see what is ahead clearer than you can.

I share this for you to remember the trust, the love, the patience, the standing by, the aspirations, the prayers, your fears and your hopes.

We have been there and stood by you, all along the way.

Yes, you have wondered, come back, sat down, looked and looked some more, remembered to pray, started to guess, gone into confusion, stopped, looked, prayed some more, had faith and taken some steps forward.

I am here to share with you, “WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!” We have all been where you have been. Maybe, not necessarily the same story, but it still has a familiar ring. Give yourselves a break. You are still dealing with this human existence. As such, we have the advantage that you do not. We are more grounded in our spiritual thoughts and aspirations. The Divine Love is working upon us without those confines that you experience.

Call upon us. Ask for help. Pray for mercy. Know how much the Father’s Love and Care has been showered upon you. You would not be where you are now, if it were not for this.

Fall to your knees in humble thanksgiving to the Father. Thank Him.

Ask to open your eyes and ears. See each of you and each other as He does.

We have so much to do and so few workers in this cause. We are not about to let you slide into despair. Pray to know. Trust and love.

Share that love. Know that the Father’s Will will prevail above all else.

Yes, with your help, It will and even more so, if you let go and let Him. You have our love. You have our confidence. You have our love.

We love you each. See each other as we see you. Love, trust and pray that your souls aspire in the Light and Love that we know that you are capable of.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, John, redeemed son of our Father and follower of our master, Jesus the Christ. Be in the Divine Love, now.