This longing that you have to go beyond the realms of your finite existence, this yearning for more, your seeking of the Love, your feeling the edges of beauty that are in store for you and so much more – This is your growing appetite to become more and more At-One with the Source of All Good, All Holiness, All Peace, Knowledge and Growth.

These are but small, small indications of the greater aspects of the Father’s Love made manifest in your lives. Can you begin get an inkling of how strongly you are drawn by your faith and the Love at work in your soul?

You have prayed for your soul to be in accord with that of the Father’s. When you let go of the limitations of your mind and seek purely with your soul’s perceptions, your soul in the lead, you will go beyond questions and just experience the happiness, love and joy that is here for you.

All that is not in harmony with the Father’s Will will be easier for you to shed. It will find no place with which to attach itself. There will be no rapport with that which is not in the Love.

So, I say allow yourself to empty out, open up your hands to receive into your hearts and souls that long, deep, longing to be fulfilled that you have sought over so many chapters in your life. Allow yourself the trust and faith that comes with finally finding your way home.

Come to know the Father. Seek that above all else. Know Him through His Love. Return your love in like measure. Do not hide from your Father. Truly, understand what it means to be accepted unconditionally. Accept yourself and be at peace, nestled in this Love.

There is so much effort and struggling, so much useless suffering. Ask for help. We will come to you and share with you how we have been educated in this Love and how to see what the heart, eyes and mind are of a redeemed child of the Father. Your perspective will be greatly altered and those boundaries that have been put up in the past will cease to exist.

You will better understand this journey and the path that you have sought for and found being made manifest here on earth.

With my Father’s Love and Blessings, I will leave you. I am your friend and brother, in the Father’s Divine Love and Substance that is transforming you each, Jesus the Christ.