I am here, your brother, Jesus. I know that there are times when you do not readily understand all of the possibilities that are available to you each. The Father’s Divine Love, as It finds lodgment in your soul, allows you such a strong connection to the Father. Yet, as much as you feel the Love, you each will have different experiences in the Love. As your soul drinks in more of this Love, some of you are so open; It allows a shift to happen. This shift is a dislodgment of those things that you have carried that have been eradicated by the Love.

Another way of saying this is those lessons that have been learned, you have absorbed. Those false beliefs that you have carried have been dissipated and absorbed in the Love. That aspect of your continence has been transformed.

What too many of you fail to comprehend is this. You have a limitless capacity in, your soul, to make way for the Love. Just as there is a greater, beyond your scope of imagination, capacity of the Father to allow the Holy Spirit to allow the inflowing of the Divine Love into your souls. This Divine Love surrounds you, as the Holy Spirit permeates everywhere. It is for you to open and receive.

Those times when you are feeling that you are less aware of the Love are exactly those times when you need to call upon help and assistance to bring to the foreground your indwelling of the Love.

The Kingdom of the Father is at hand. As you know, when we come to visit you, we take it with us, (our homes), because our souls, being in that pristine state of Love, cannot help but want to impact the souls of those whom we visit. Therefore, I share with you that when you pray and we come to pray with you, it is a collective prayer for the inflowing of the Love. The Love is not just affecting you, but also, we are impacted. In the congregation of souls, you will feel a delightful inflowing and sacredness as your temples are being directed in the Heavenly Light.

We have heard it said by you that you wish to be in the kingdom. What I am sharing with you is, ‘Open your eyes and see the thresholds that you have already crossed!’ We have already told you that you will not go backwards in your progression, but forward.

So, if you can look at those times where you may feel that you are stumbling, understand that the forward momentum of the Love, as well as the ability of the Love to bring forth all that is not in harmony, is just another level of the lesson that you re still mastering.

Now, we say this without judgment, but we also share with you this, the lessons will be much easier to assimilate the more humbly you approach them. The more you resist, the stronger your belief systems are brought forth in creating a defensive role, the harder it will be for you to let go of your ego’s investment and what posture this takes.

I am only sharing this with you for you to understand that if you were to let go of the fear last evening, when we were present, you would have been able to make a great leap in understanding and insight than you would have thought possible. This is not to say to you that this is a reprimand. It is only to make you understand that there are times when you forget and have to be reminded that you are not in this alone. There is a reason for the opportunities that have been presented to you to grow in the Love.

You had shared that you had wanted the Divine Love to be satellite beacons to attract those souls who were looking for an answer in the darkness and we had heard a call. You had also asked for a strengthening of your faith in the Love so that you would feel your connectedness to us, as well as those congregations that are in the process of growth.

A congregation can be any number of souls, whether in the mortal frame or in the spirit body. Yes, I know that you are each aware of this. I must say this to you. Understand that as we speak through you and share with you, there is a fortification that happens in your soul. You become more grounded in the Truth to the point of unwavering faith in the Father’s Love.

As you build upon this growth, your soul expands in the Love. You create a stronger polarity to attract other souls. Although, they may not be able to form bonds, they are aware of you on a level that would allow them to find their way to you, as we direct them.

The Law of Change is at work. As you actively seek to be in the Love and know the Truth, more things will be revealed to you. However, there has to be willingness on your part to listen and hear what we share with you.

As you go into fear and confusion, we, who will not violate your free will, will look at an opportunity in the future to reveal more to you. So, I would say to you, be more accepting of your humanity. Be more accepting of each other. See that the judgment of discernment serves you to a point. However, if you ask that your soul’s love see through the limited barriers of your mind, that will allow you the opportunity to grasp the full meaning of what the Love really means. This will be manifested in your everyday existence, as well as in the communications that you have with each other.

We have assisted you in coming together in this, as the Father’s Will dictated. As your souls were open to this interaction so, we intervened and influenced. So, I am sharing with you that you need to understand, beyond the words, beyond the thoughts of trying to categorize, but on a soul’s level of understanding come to know who you really are.

Feel the Christ Spirit being manifested as It is glowing in your soul so brightly, now. We, who share in that Christ Spirit, know that you will be picked up to a higher consciousness of understanding and knowing what it is that you need to do.

As you are ready to accept and go forth, then you will readily see that you will get the answers you seek. It will not be a drawing out so much as it will be a directed wish coming forth from your soul to fulfill the Father’s Wishes for the Salvation of Mankind.

The Salvation of Mankind begins with one soul to another, then another, and then another. Before you know it, you have a congregation of legions. So, trust enough to know our impressions. When I say, “Know our impressions” what I am really saying to you is be open to hear and listen.

There is a vast difference between those two forms. One is with an understanding of knowing, the other is being there, but not comprehending.

We love you and trust that this message will find a lodgment. The blessings of the Father are upon you. Give thanks and gratitude to the True One, who knows us best. The Father sees us as we really are.

As you take on more and more of this Love, you will not see your shortcomings, but focus on your strengths, talents and draw that out in each other.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, a redeemed soul, who is happy to be blessed in this endeavor of our Father’s. I get to be affirmed in the Love with each encounter the Father blesses me to behold.

Remember what I had said to you. God’s Mercy and Blessings to you each.