I am here, your brother and friend, Jesus. The source of peace, the source of all healing, as you are turning to the Father and receiving His Love. What that means is that you can look to no other. What that reflects back is those parts of you, you have yet to allow yourself to understand that this is what you give to the Father for healing, for transformation, for cleansing.

It is not hidden from us. There is no aspect of your beingness that we are not aware of. How could you truly think that it is hidden from God. You may hide it and hoard it unto yourself, covet it, nurture it in fact.

By that, I mean you fill it with energy that is not in harmony. You allow in those spirit influences that would allow it to fester, grow in proportion and displace those parts of you that you know to be in the truth.

So, I say, give that to the Father. Have enough faith and trust in Him to allow you to have a winnowing away down to your very core. Know that the painfulness, the hurt, the sour outlook are those things that you need to release in order to give up and trust.

Oh, we are so blind at times to the infinite possibilities of the Love and to the greatness of the Father and His Loving, Joyful Heart. He who created you, He who knows you best, He who loves you dearly despite your inconsistencies, welcomes you. Yes, all the deformities of disharmony that you may harbor, He loves you despite that. Allow Him to work on those wounds for His Love to cleanse, serve and heal those things that keep you from being fully transformed in the Love.

Yes, you are taking on more Divine Love in your soul. Yes, those things that are not in Love will be brought to the forefront, as if though it were a “wart upon your nose” for all to see. Most especially for you to see that you are laid bare and naked in the Love. If your soul chooses and asks for help, then know that this is what will be done. You will be assisted, made whole and loved for it all the more.

Ask that your free will be in accord with that of the Father’s. Ask for your soul to be in ascendancy. It has not wavered in its journey on the path. Your soul wishes for a total transformation, wishes for integration on the healing. Ask that your thoughts be made more loving. Ask to have more forgiveness and compassion. Ask for a tempering of your tongues before you form words that can sting and blight another. Ask that you have compassion, empathy and true sincerity for your brothers and sisters.

Know that they are finding their ways, as well. Do not judge less ye be judged. Ask for mercy to temper what could be a strong lesson in the Law of Compensation. Give your love. Pray to be in harmony. Seek our assistance. It will be given to you.

There are so many vistas of Love and Progression that are here and available to you now. What is holding you back are those things that were mentioned earlier. Pray to know the truth. Pray for a stronger inflowing of the Love. Ask to be the true, loving, joyful, transformed souls in the Love of the Father that you wish to have made manifest.

We wish this as well for we pray with you. We see what your soul so much desires. Feel the Love. Know that we will assist you as our Father has allowed us this gift of being your guides and assisting Him as we form the cohesive team that will bring about much good in this world and the next.

As you say that you wish to teach of the Love, first you must be the Love. The Love must be strong in you, indwelling in your thoughts, in your acts, in your deeds. As you are truly grounded in the Love, this will show forth in those other aspects of your life, both public and private. Nothing is really hidden, not for long.

So, if you wish balance, if you wish healing, if you wish to be those transformed souls manifesting the Love and experiencing the Kingdom, pray and pray and pray some more. Ask for mercy. Go to the Father.

Lie upon His Bosom of Love. Be made whole and complete.

We love you. Love yourself enough. Open and receive the New Birth. I am your friend and brother in the Divine Kingdom of the Father, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.