The blessings of the Father are bestowed upon you. This is a time for preparation, soul’s preparation. So, that you may be in a condition of greater harmony. We ask that you intensify, not just your prayers, but where you turn your thoughts. In coming closer to the Father, it is fine and good to have interests that are entertaining and enjoyable. It is also fine to have pursuits that assist in your comfort here on earth. In proportion, how much time is spent on your soul development on this earth plane? I put it to you in that fashion for you to understand that yes, you are responsible for your soul’s condition, as well as having you see what souls you attract to you because of your pursuits that you undertake in this world of man.

I remind you that because in proportion to your other pursuits there is a need for a better balance. If you intent is your soul’s progression, how often do we say, “Yes, this I will do, God willing.” Yes, the Father is willing. However, as you know, mankind was bestowed free will. The Father’s Love never coerces, but is there waiting and ready when you are ready.

What preparations have you pursued in order to be in condition of receptivity? Where have your thoughts been? How have you acted? What are your deeds and thoughts that reflect this pursuit, the Divine Love? The Kingdom of the Father is at-hand. Have you awakened to its reality? Have you partaken in the fruits available to you? You keep insisting, “Yes, this Divine Love is your most important pursuit.” How is this reflected in where you have put your thoughts and actions?

I am only reminding you that you have consciously, (or some may say unconsciously, but I say consciously), have a part in creating your state or condition of soul, in terms of where you “put your treasures.”

If you were to really understand the statement, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of the Father and all else will come to you,” how much richer, less stressful and more in harmony you would find this life you have here on earth. Regardless, of where you set your habitat to be, because those forces would be at work whether you lived in an industrialized civilization, such as you are experiencing or lived in the most remote jungle on earth.

The choice is yours. The opportunities are equal amongst you. You are each given the opportunity to grow and fashion your reality as you see fit, with or without the conscious request of our assistance. Yet, how much more in harmony is that isolated villager in a so-called, “backward” nation than so-called, “civilized beings” in their great cities? Where is the focus? Where is the harmony? Where is the connection?

Consider this. If you were to “pass over” today, in your present condition, by the Law of Attraction, whom might be the audience meeting and greeting you on the “other side?” What might be their pursuits, their interests, that they would endeavor to instruct you in, as you make your way through the spiritual realms, without the use of your earthly body? Yes, I know what you have said yet, I see, and your souls reflect what your treasures are. I point this out for you to reflect and weigh, to consciously decide who you really are versus who you say you are. It is never too late to change. Wake up and see what you are reflecting, what you are putting out in the world, what you are attracting. This is not a scolding in any way. Yet, it is a pause, I wish you to take in ascertaining what is to a more or less degree, what you really feel are your treasures. What will be the most lasting with the greatest results and what your many, really merely temporal pleasures and pursuits.

This is not to say that we wish you to be unhappy or to lead sterile lives. It is to say that you have an opportunity of growth in all avenues being open to you. If you touch in Love, you see in Love. You think in Love. You do in Love. More Love, Divine Love will reign down upon you. You will be acutely aware of your relationship to God and more conscious of the Will of the Father and At-Onement.

Walk upon this path with your eyes fully open versus at half-mast, covered and blind. Don’t take this time to sleep walk, but become conscious of what has been given to you and the responsibilities that go with it.

We have more to share with you, but at this time, I will stop and have your remember. Your soul reflects who you really are. This is seen by us and others. Feel the Love that this is said to you in. Take the time to put your house in order.

In loving gesture, I leave you. I am your friend and brother, in Divine Love, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.