Glory be to the Father, feel His Love here with you. We, who are privileged to receive His Love in greater abundances than those experienced by you on the earth plane, know how profoundly joyous we are and blessed by the grace of the Father. We have not the restraints that you do that hold you here.

Our souls can soar unencumbered in the Love. This is what we try to convey to you as we ask you to more deeply pray, feel His Love and aspire to be At-One with Him. Your souls exalt in the Love.

Feel the all-pervading peace. Isn’t this what you seek in all aspects of your life? There can be no halfway measures. Give your all. If we seek to be at-one with the Father, there is no disappointment. There is no pain. Give yourselves totally to His Love.

Feel the healing that is taking place. Give thanks for being at-one with Him. Ask to sustain the healing and give your thanks and love in full measure to our Father and His Great Gift. We are loved.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Jesus.