May the Father’s Mercy and Forgiveness be in your hearts. You must realize that with the diversity of souls that make up the embodiment of humankind, whether they are walking this earth in material bodies or in the realms of the spirit world, there are different flavorings, different beliefs, different customs that influence each of us.

Yes, the Divine Love helps us transcend these differences and yet, we are still unique, individual souls. Divine Love helps us to be in more harmony. It educates us to a better understanding of each other and a greater tolerance for the diversity of those things that are laid before us.

We do not expect all of you to agree all of the time. Where there is merit on each side of an argument, look at the lesson that is here before us. You are not sheep being led. You are unique souls growing at your individual rates, striving to comprehend, as well as understand. When we ask the Father to invoke His Law of Mercy, a path is created whereby each of you are allowed an insight into each other that forms a common root where you can relate, communicate, and have a willingness of acceptance.

I share this with you to assist you in letting go of who is right, who is at blame, who is at fault and pointing fingers. That is not the lesson. The lesson is, “How can a band of gifted individuals not only grow and flourish in the Love yet, be tolerant of what is needed for insight of the individual to expand enough so that there is an understanding, a connection, that is more important than the individual differences we may have?”

Let the seeds sown in this Love fall on fertile ground and take root, that the soul prevails, and the mind, in its expansion, and limitations, give way to the higher good of the Love.

What I am sharing is that there will be times when you don’t agree. There will also be times when through prayers for mercy and understanding, you will come to a compromise that assists the growth of the whole. So, what I am sharing with you is to be merciful with each other. Be merciful with yourselves. Be open to a new insight that will cause you to expand in your understanding of the human condition, as well as the glory that your soul is partaking in and the At-Onement with the Father and His Plan of Salvation for all who honestly seek for it.

Give your love and trust that the Father in His Plan of our Salvation will be made known to you. Those of you, who take certain positions, be open to the mercy and the love that unites you to the greater good. Allow the Love to flow and find lodgment. You will see each other in a more merciful and harmonious light. There will not be a need, based on misunderstanding, to keep you in strife.

As the walls dissolve, let healing take place. You will come to a better appreciation of each other. An insight into what it means to give your love and walk in the footsteps of a transformed being in the Love. This is but a small beginning, but an important one. Be open to answers that you will receive.

My love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, who loves you despite yourselves, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.