The Lord grant you peace and may His Love and Mercy give you strength. The gift of the Divine Love is that, a gift, a privilege bestowed upon the souls of man by the Love of the Father who created you. I, your brother, Jesus, was the first to receive that great gift of Divine Love, I am still flourishing in the reception of that Love in my soul.

You who have been on the path, some longer than others, if you pause to reflect the change in your lives on a soul’s level, you have direction – You are no longer lost. Though there are times when you let your minds sense of where you should be dominate, what if you were able to calm yourself and be centered in the Love? It would allow your soul to hone in to the truth of the situation and allow you, with your eyes wide open, see the True Path and make the conscious decision of whether or not, centered in the Love, you would follow.

Know that the Father sees you and all aspects of your being and still loves you and accepts you, continuously having open arms ready and waiting for you. Man is sometimes a little fickle. In terms of what he says or she says, they want, upon receiving it, and the goodness, and the joy, and the Love, and the fulfillment, they receive and acknowledge, and experience and know. Yet, they know, and forget, until next time when they are praying to the Father and asking and imploring. They receive and then remember, “Yes, this is what it is. This is what I want. This is what changes everything for me, and Father give me more.” Then they tittle along and get caught up in the world again and forget, but remember some. Yet forget, nevertheless, until they find themselves in that stage where they are humbled. They finally look up and ask and implore and beg to the Father to receive. Then they receive and remember again and say “Oh yes, yes this Lord. This and more, never let me go.” They receive and know and continue on, then let the world in again, only to forget and repeat. I say this to you, not so much to scold you but to have you understand how fallible we are on our own.

How we must constantly, unceasingly, be open to prayer and the influences of those souls that can carry you beyond the humps, the pain and the suffering. Still, when we forget and get into the false belief that the world, of itself, is what is important and have the spiritual side of us second and submissive, we let the pleasures and allurements of this world keep us from what is the Eternal Truth. Our legacy and gift bestowed, receiving the Divine Love pass by the wayside. If you consider and pose this as a dominating force in your life, albeit yes, making amends and correcting them for the times when you are in this world, but remembering you are not of this world, asking your Father’s guidance, then you will be shown the Way, without hesitation, without fear and doubt, on solid ground, knowing you will never be swayed.

The Father’s Gift of Divine Love in your lives is the force that will carry you through any situation, and I do mean any situation. You will not lose sight of who you really are. Yes, there is a challenge living in this world of humanity. Yes, there is a challenge in responsibilities that come with living in this life. By fully honoring your commitment to the Father, His Love will show you the Way. When you come together during these times of prayer, there is an equality here. There is a higher Truth. There is a gift of the Healing Power of the Love that dissolves all of the false images of who you really are and your purpose here.

Yes, you are given gifts along the way and shown paths that will assist you in this life on earth, but never lose sight of what is the greater gift here, the greater truth and you will allow the transformation to continue versus getting sidetracked and stagnating. Give the Love as you receive It and it will be multiplied immeasurably. There will be a stronger force field of Light and Love in you, surrounding you and impacting those whom you have dealings with. There will be a stronger rapport with us. There will be a more burning desire in your souls that you never forget who you are and what your purpose is here.

Remember that next time the clouds of doubt and fear come a calling. They will be instantly dispelled as you humbly pray for and receive the Divine Love of the Father. Remember the Love and the Truth and this moment, for there is much, much more in store for you.

With my love I leave you, I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, in the Kingdom awaiting you, here and now and forever.