I am here, Jesus.

It is necessary for you to be in the Love. I want you to understand that we will not force you to comply with this. What we will do is try to impress you to go to the Father and learn of His many blessings and mercy. You have to understand that it is not always you who are in control. As you have prayed to receive more of the Divine Love in your soul, you have also asked that the Father’s Will prevail, and for your soul to be in ascendancy over your mind.

I am here now to ask you that you begin to realize that we have a deeper and more devout mission for you in this life. We wish for you to prepare yourself to become one of the first souls here on the earth plane to truly experience living in the Kingdom here on earth. In order to do this you must seriously devout your spare time and prayer to coming in closer harmony with the Father and His mercy and Love.

I ask again for you to recommit yourself. Heed what we are doing in the Love of the Father. Know that your soul is quaking with the Love and that you will not cease until your soul has fully opened up to the Love of the Heavenly Father. Yes, it is like Pentecost or will begin to approximate what the apostles felt at that time. I ask you to sincerely pray to know the Love of the Father and to grow in the Love.

Cease to occupy yourself with all that is not in harmony with the Love. You can do this by praying to know the truth and I will aid you in this. I can not do it without your cooperation. I will come again when you pray to receive more of the Love of the Father.

With my love and blessings, I am your brother and friend, Jesus.