I am here, Jesus of Nazareth.

I say Jesus of Nazareth because some people need to understand that I am who I say I am. Yes, I come to you fairly often. It is good to pray with you and see the Love filter down to more aspects of your being. For you to be conscious of this, it is necessary for you to be able to understand that the Love that you take into your soul is, to a larger extent, more magnified then what it is that you feel on an “earthly or conscious-level”. So, you must have patience and ask for help and mercy, if your eyes cannot see the whole picture.

It is as the “yeast rises in the bread.” (I am sure that Tod is conscious of this metaphor.) It is going from the inside-out. Look at the results that have happened in your situations and interactions. There is more of a healing and a better understanding. There is more of a welcoming of the spirits here and your souls are more settled in their thirst that is only quenched with the inflowing of the Love.

So, understand that we are operating as a unit to help bring about change here, change for the good. Understand also that you have an active role in this. It is not you sitting and being “spoon fed.” You have an active role in consciously changing your thoughts and pursuing the higher level of moral principles, as well as being there in the Love.

As the Love takes hold of you, yes, those things will fall in line. You will understand this, also. You are making a “spear head in the darkness” that is lighting the way for many. We are not saying that you are perfect, but you are perfect for what we have planned here. In this, we are more and more seeking to strengthen the pattern of growth and Love that is prevailing here. I want you to understand this. Your souls are more open to the inflowing of the Love. In being more open to the inflowing of the Love, you are creating a stir on your plane of existence because you are putting up a force field with us, in attracting souls to the Love. You will, more often than that, many times, have encounters with more souls then you are aware of.

I ask you to regularly teach the spirits. I ask you to be more conscious of your conversations. I ask you to be more open, not only the possibilities of teachings, but also be aware of the influences of the lower ones, who would like to bring you to a lower plane of existence.

We are here to assist you to call upon our help. We are here to teach the spirits who ask to be in the Love. Be conscious of whom you bring home with you. All are welcome to learn of the Love. Yes, your spirit bands are with you. They will protect you. Be aware that you are also open to the preying upon by other spirits who would not wish you to go forward in this Love.

So, I am saying to you, to be in the Love, centered in the moment, and trust in the Heavenly Father. Be more aware of who is actually saying or doing those deeds that you assume are just you.

Thank your Heavenly Father for the healing that He has bestowed upon you. We will speak again. With my love and blessings, I am your brother, Jesus, master of the Celestial Heavens and true follower of our Father in the Divine Love and His Path to the Kingdom.