With love, I am your brother, Jesus. Your endeavor to be in the Love is more dependent upon your free will on an individual basis. Ask yourself, “Are you experiencing the Father’s Divine Love on a more personable level?” “Are you growing closer?” “Are you satisfied with your relationship, as it is now?” If you find there is a need for improvement, then understand that you and your motivations in the Love, in asking for assistance, will assist you. The Law of Rapport and Communication is in effect when you ask for help in that or other endeavors of the soul and spirit. You will be assisted. You must make the effort.

If your soul and its need for the nurturement of the Divine Love were compared to your physical body, how would it measure up? Would it surpass what material things you have ingested and done for your material body, or would it be lacking and malnourished? In order for you to find a balance in your souls needs, I ask you to remember to make a regular effort to do things of the spirit – To light up your soul in all the multi-faceted aspects of becoming a transformed soul in the Love.

How will you know you are coming closer to the Love and dwelling in the Love? Well, one measurement is that you will be coming in a closer rapport and meeting more souls on the Divine Path. They will have a more daily impact on you and your life. The influences that you seek will be more readily abundant. You will also have a continence that exudes the Love. Others will be attracted to this Love. They may not have a name for it. They will only know that it feels more loving. They feel more loving when they are in your presence. More joy and satisfaction will be in your lives. You will find doors are opening. You will be walking in Corridors of Light. Your ear will be attuned to the Heavenly Message, which brings “glad tidings to the soul.”

You will also find that your soul will actively seek to be At-One with the Father with increased vigor. You will not let that rapport be left as a note of “things to do.” It will be an active part of your life. You will experience an indwelling of the Love that radiates in your soul as a bright fire of light.

Let me share with you that when I was doing my ministry, while still in the earthly body, the Father’s Light attracted many. They sought me out. They wanted to know what was this that changed a mere man, a flesh and blood man, into a beloved child of the Father. Well, understand me in this, we are all beloved by the Father, but are we aware of it? If we were aware of how beloved we are, some of us would change our actions to reflect that Love, rather than walking blindly around and wondering, “Why is life as it is?”

You will lift up your eyes from the ground and your own feet, where you were only content with wondering about yourself. You will raise your eyes in a brighter light of, “How can I give and share this Love with others because I am so full It that I cannot bear to hold It just to myself, alone, one more second?”

If you were experiencing that in your life, then you would be acting upon it because the Divine Love will continually feed into your soul, transforming any blemishes upon that soul to a radiant light of contentment and health and sheer joy. So, if you want to be transformed in the Light, then yes, it takes effort on your part to make a commitment to be open to growth. Be open to Love. Be more generous in how you share the Love and give of yourself.

Give thanks to the Father for what you have. Offer acknowledgement in whom and where you are. In this acceptance, in this blessed state, in this humility, you will go forth and shine in the Light.

Consider that next time, when you ask yourself, “What is it that I need to be happy?” You may be surprised with your soul taking a more active step in front of your mind’s conception of what would really please you and bring joy to your life.

Your souls are awakening to the Light. Continue and be in the Love.

With the Father’s Divine Love to bless you each, I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.