… Care about how you are progressing. Care about the Love, the beauty of the Love and how it is transforming you. If you could only see what we see, you would know what an impact the Divine Love has made on your soul. You would see the great light that shines from you. You would see beyond the mere physical shell of that earth bound body, that you are so much more. See the glow and the light and the joy of your soul as it soars, as it partakes of the Father’s Gift. For this is who you really are. Not the pretense of who you think you are. You are more than just this role that you play here on earth, in the modified surroundings of this home. You are more than this role of son and this role of spouse. You are more than just these roles. You are children of the Father in essence, not just in image.

You are metamorphosing to a stronger more beautiful light and Love. I say this to you because you need to understand that you are progressing. Yes, it is necessary to acknowledge this great Love and transformation that has happened to you. Thank your heavenly Father. Acknowledge the relationship that you have. Come to know the Father. We will assist you in that. Call upon us to be more personalized in this endeavor and we will help you.

Understand also your responsibility in truly nurturing your souls’ potentials. Understand that you can not do it alone. You have progressed this far with assistance. When you readily acknowledge that, you will know that you are not alone. It is not just the three or four or five of you, but there are many thousands of us assisting you. We, together, help assist in creating an opening of Love, a satellite of Love, a beacon that calls so many legions of souls to come and understand what is really here for them. You need to understand that you do not work alone, that many of us come and assist you in this. We, as a group, influence you towards these spiritual endeavors.

The Father through His Wisdom and Mercy assists us in this. The Father so wants you to be happy in the Love. The Father so wants you to come closer and in Love. The Love is inside you each and we are so happy to see this. This is what we work for. We wish more of our family to join with us. We do not just do this for mere sport. We wish to fulfill the Father’s Wishes. You, in turn, as you come in more abundance of this Love, the Love will compel you to share this Love. It is not just to be hoarded amongst this family. It is to be shone brightly, to the world. Yes, when your son says what do you do after the prayers, he is reflecting on how is this Love changing your lives. How is it different for you? Is this just a role you wish to play, as the Pharisees did, in terms of themselves saying, ‘Of course we are good and holy.’ ‘But, look at the show and not who we really are.’ Ask for mercy. Ask for the Father’s help in integrating this Love to all aspects of your life. To become truly transformed now, hear what I have spoken to you and understand.

With my love and blessings, I am your brother and friend, Jesus, the Christ.