I am here, your brother, Jesus.

It is not always easy to accept an offering of love or assistance because one must first open up and become vulnerable and trust. It is an act of faith that allows you to open up and receive the Love. It is also necessary to put aside judgment and preconceived ideas of how help, guidance, and direction will be made manifest, as this can take many forms. Ask that your soul come into ascendancy over your mind to help guide you where the mind may close down and turn away for fear of being disappointed, deceived or hurt.

You need to understand that the interchange between you and the Father is also dependent upon Laws of Harmony. In order to be in rapport and in harmony, in other words, to “drop the veil that keeps you from being open,” you need to let go of fear, doubt, grief and any and all feelings of unworthiness, including grief, as this tends to block those levels of connection. For it is in essence, you putting up a barrier to fully receiving what you say you really would like to have.

So, when we mention your free will and the power of that free will, know that not even the Father will violate your free will. It is for you to willing allow us in. Nothing is ever forced upon you. We will not breach that innate right of yours.

So, remember that you do not passively go into this. It is with clear intent that we make this known to you. The following outcomes and endeavors are direct reflections of the direction you wish to go into. I realize that this may be easier for some and harder for others.

During those times of doubt, ask for help and assistance. It will be given to you. The clouds that veil the true sight of what is really happening will be lifted. You will know on all levels where you are and accept who you are.

So, keep that in mind the next time you wish to go forward, be it on a physical level or a spiritual level. Cooperation is the key. No one does it alone. You have the assistance of many souls who are here on a continual rotating basis, seeking to assist and help in any way they can. Call upon them and the Love of the Father. All things from the highest to the smallest, if they be in harmony, will be availed to you.

You have the Love of my Father with which you are blessed. Be thankful for the Fruits of the Bounty are upon you. You will take in as much as you feel worthy of receiving. Know your worthiness and how beloved you are. You will strike a cord of balance in your lives.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Jesus.