My greetings of Love to you each, it is I, Jesus, your brother in the Love. You need to feel the Christ Spirit being made manifest in your souls. Your connection with the Father, the generosity of the Love that He gives to you are so very necessary to you at this time, this time of change, this time of transition, this time of growth.

What a unique opportunity you have to grow in the Love and to do it together. Yes, you each have your own separate experience and you have our support. No one is doing this alone. Look at how much mercy is being involved, so much mercy, so much Love. Our Father is truly generous.

It would assist you to voice all the different nuances to your Father, of what you are feeling and share with Him, as well as with others those things you need to voice. Yes, things are coming up for you, each and everyone of you – Those things that are dislodged by the Love, those things that have been secrets, well-kept secrets.

Now is the time for you to pray to receive forgiveness, as well as mercy. Get a healing on those things that you have not accepted about yourself. On those things that you have not been so proud of, on those things that there has been misunderstanding on – Now is the time.

Give your love and feel what a regeneration this Love will bring to you and a healing on all those wounds that have yet to be fully exposed to the Light. Feel our arms of Love around you. Feel the nurturance, patience of the Divine Love as It seeks to transform you. Make no mistake. The transformation is manifested. You are coming more and more into the transformed souls that you have wished to be.

We love you. We support you. Yes, T___ will have good news for you when he returns.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother in the Love, manifesting the Christ Spirit and you as well. Trust that this Love will come more into the forefront on a more continuing basis with each of you. Feel the delight and joy of many supporting spirits that have assisted you, prayed with you, held you, loved you, accepted you. You have a larger family than you think.

I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens and a lover and devoted son to our Heavenly Father.