I am here, your friend and brother, Jesus. I am happy you listened and returned to hear what I have to say. Your souls as they turn to the Love, as they welcome the Light that eradicates any darkness to take on more of the Light of the Father’s Essence is allowing you a purification and adjustment that is lightening your load. That is letting your mind experience a peacefulness that dissipates anxieties, worry, thoughts about the future, regrets of the past, allowing you to be in the moment to fully experience the radiant joy of coming into your true beingness.

Our Father is so Powerful. His Love is Immeasurable. He has more waiting for you as your soul hungers and aspires to become closer in its union with Him. This is such a wonderful gift. What a unique opportunity to know His Love, to seek At-Onement with Him and share in the bounty of His Blessed Kingdom. No one is turned away who truly aspires to be At-One with Him.

Give thanks to this and His Mercy. He so knows us well and anticipates our needs. If you will only allow the Father and trust in His Will versus fight His Will and try to assert your own, you will know a greater peace, a deeper satisfaction, a turning about from your efforting and striving, to what it means to allow and set forth in motion, those avenues of energy that allow the Law of Attraction to do its work.

Raise up your consciousness to a higher level of beingness. You, who have been shown so much, ask to assimilate the lesson. You, whose ears have been told of a Bountifulness of the Father, know that you are an integral part, a recipient of the inheritance He has for you. This bountifulness does not come as your mind beliefs think it to, but rather it slips under the doorway. It comes in a quiet stillness.

Ask to be open to receive. Ask for the worthiness of deserving. Ask to be in condition to humble yourselves to ask for assistance. Some of us are too proud to humble ourselves and think of it as begging. What we are really saying is that “I don’t need God to do this. ” “I can do it myself. ”

Oh, the pride we have and the fall that is so resounding! When will you learn and come to know that there are many helping hands assisting you every inch of the way. Yes, the Father assists those with their initiative. Yes, the spirits will implant those influences and ideas to assist.

What about our parts? Pray to receive and be the open vessels that allow us to get our egos out of the way and let God’s workers do what they know best.

Our souls hunger for the Greatness of the Father’s Love. Our souls long to find their way home to Him. Prayer, sincere prayer and aspirations to the Father are heard.

Those patterns of thought that hold you down, that resistance that keeps you from truly seeing that our wills are no match for the Father’s – Yet, should we allow rather than force? Should we be open to receive? Should we ask for guidance and not to be too stubborn to listen when it is given? We reap the bounty a hundred-fold or more.

Take the time to understand your true relationship with the Father. Take the time to get your house in order. Take the time to reaffirm what your priorities are. Do not second-guess the Father. He knows what is best. Trust Him.

Listen to what I have told you and come forth. There are too many of you who still need to clean out their ears. There is no pain in the Love. There is no confusion in the Love. Clarity is in the Love. Let the scales of doubt and all that keep you shackled in false beliefs, drop from your hearts, drop from your minds, drop from the so-called “almost there, but not quite”existences that too many of you have crawled and stumbled, thinking that this is your life.

We believe you deserve more. We know you do. Do you? Make a choice.

It is all right to ask for help. We will gladly assist. Trust in God. Come to know His Will. In Him, come to know yourselves.

We thank you for taking the time to listen beyond the words. Your resistance is in direct proportion to your need for worthiness. Make conscious choices and reap the rewards or the loss. You have free will, you know. So do we. We make conscious choice.

I hope this is a lesson you remember.

My love and prayers be with you. May the blessings of the Father be yours. I am your true friend and brother in the Divine Kingdom of the Father, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.