I am here, Jesus… Open your mind to the thought, that if you would allow us to influence and guide you, your lives would be in a very different position today.

Those things that hold you back, your clinging to earthly, (as it is so-called), existences, that some of you intellectually know isn’t real, but from your actions, they speak it as so, keep you from truly being the true sons and daughters spreading the Truth that we know.

This is not so much asking blind faith as asking you to believe in yourselves.   Yes, we know you love God.  Are you willing to put your actions behind your words?  Are you willing to take those necessary steps to take you on to the Path of Salvation?

I ask you here and now:  What are you going to do today to spread the Love of the Father?  How are you going to show that Love integrating into your lives?  Is it by denial of who you really are?  Is it by catching yourself when you wish to speak out in anger?  Is it by looking and loving and accepting yourself?  Where you are now, knowing that tomorrow you will be in a totally different space?  Is it by the small gestures you make to give your love?

How do you shine the Divine Love of God?  Yes, with the Divine Love of God comes the purification of the natural love.

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to allow this Love to grow, and act accordingly, than to bury your nose in so many different techniques that you do not really understand what it is I am saying?  I ask you here and now to make the commitment to be all that you can be.  Make a commitment to trust and grow.  Make a commitment to let your light shine forth.

Do you really think I come with empty gestures?  I know of what I speak.

We have approached many in the past.  Where there has been some success, there has also been despair in knowing that they were good men and women.  Yet, they were afraid. I ask you not to be afraid.  I ask you to trust.  I ask you to know that we will protect you.  Have we not protected you in the past?

Yes, you have free wills.  Ask that your free wills reunite with us.

Put it in the hands of God. Know that He is guiding us, and will guide you.  We will not let harm come to you.  It is your free will and the actions of that free will that any, if all, compensation comes to you.

Quiet your mind.  Focus and direct your heart and soul.  Know that you are beacons with which we call many to the Father.

See yourselves as vessels of Love.  Maintain those vessels.  Hone and shine their brightness. Know, truly know, that it is with this Love that there will be no faltering, no hesitation, no misstep.

With my love and blessings, I am Jesus.  I will impress each of you throughout this day.  Call upon me.  My ears are open to you.  I love you.