I am here, Jesus.

We know that you wish to be closer, in more harmony. You should know that at times, you do get tiny peeks that stay with you of what it is like on the path of souls’ progression of Divine Love in the spirit world. Yet, there is a feeling that you are familiar with that causes your soul to quiver in expected anticipation. Your soul recognizes its surroundings and endeavors to return to that place of heightened bliss, understanding and being. This wets your appetite for coming closer and being more involved in doing our Father’s bidding.

I say you remember a tiny, tiny speck because the full measure would be unbearable to you. Yet, you are insistent in this insistence that is born of a souls’ desire to reunite with the Father. So, as you take on more of this Divine Love, so will this Love deepen. You are drawn to this bright flame, this Love, this companionship. Your needs will be fulfilled. So, do not distract yourself with something that will be.

Turn your attention to the present and all the potential this existence has in store for you. You must remember. You have a say in your state of existence. You have a say, to a degree, in the quality of life you live. Have that life be full of love, acceptance, gratitude, and remembrance. See the holiness and the sacredness of your ability to just be, and the opportunity you have of sharing in the Love. You have so much. You are so blessed. You are richer than you even imagine.

There is no lack. There is no deprivation if you can open up to what is really here and your potential in maximizing all those things in which you are blessed. You are in good company. We come here often. We see your state of mind and look into your hearts. We know your thoughts more times better than you, yourselves. Allow yourselves the freedom of expressing the joy.

You are so well versed in the agony. It is such an ingrained habit of coming from ‘If only, if I had…’. These veils of unworthiness, do they serve you? Come from that wellspring of bounty, prosperity, lightness and opportunity. You have a say in your life. You have a say in the state of your existence, either for the light or for the dark. You have support all around. You know how to pray and hold a souls’ longing and aspire. You know your angels are listening and will assist in the higher good.

How many times have your prayers been answered and you have forgotten to say thank you to your Father from whom all goodness flows? Is it just absentmindedness? Are you still asleep that you have let this dream pass you by. Can you only be happy when you are in a state of emergency?

Wake up my brothers and sisters. Wake up. See the light. Feel the joy. Come into the Love and stay on the path. I BESEECH YOU! HEAR ME!

I love you with my whole heart. The bounties of the Father’s blessings are before you. There are many gifts here. Acknowledge them. What are you waiting for? You have free reign if you are in harmony.

I love you. I am your brother and friend, Jesus the Christ, master of the Celestial Heavens, of whom, I understand, that you would very much like to be tenants therein. So, I say wake up! With my love, I leave you.