It is I, your brother, Jesus. What would be your destiny if you did not have the opportunity to progress into the Kingdom of Love the Father has provided for those souls who aspire to be At-One with Him.

Well, the Kingdom of Man was established long before my appearance on earth. Yes, that so-called paradise was the zenith of what man could aspire to. Yet, that was not enough for those prophets who came before me. They were there and ready to receive the Divine Love when I went to pray to our Father, which is known as the Transfiguration on the Mount. Yes, they received Divine Love in great abundance, though I, who had been praying to receive It before that time, was more advanced in the Love. I am still more advanced than other souls. Yet, I say to you, who have this opportunity yes, thousands of years later, I say to you, you as well, have an equal opportunity to aspire, receive and go forth in the Love.

You would not have to wait the many years these souls and others did wait. Yet, that opportunity is put by the wayside. I share this with you not to scold you for the life you are leading. Yes, all men have obligations to make a livelihood to be responsible for themselves and their actions. Nothing has changed that much in these many years. There are still wars, still people in oppression, many souls cry out for comfort. Yet, there is a difference, a difference in you knowing the opportunities provided for you. There is a difference in you learning to integrate that Love in all aspects of your lives.

You, yourself, made a joke, when you were in Catholic school, of the nuns putting Catholicism in everything except, math. So, you knew the extent that religion could be integrated. Yet, how are you integrating the Love that you know into every aspect of your life?

Consider this. If you would but ask to hold fast and be centered in the Love, every half-hour, wouldn’t that take you to a better place than you had been previously? It would remind you that you are in this world, but not of this world. It would remind you that what is most important here. It would turn you to a higher consciousness of thought, deed and action. You would let go of those things that keep you mired in negativity versus seeing the opportunities before you. There would be a change in your consciousness. This would affect your plane of existence. It would also open you to having your soul lead more than the preoccupation you have with your mind in the lead.

I say this for you to understand that progression in the sphere is lead by the soul’s inflowing of the Love. That takes place just as relevantly here, on the earth plane, as it does it the others. Consider that next time you are frustrated in where you are versus where you think you ought to be. So, you can let go and just be.

In that beingness, in that acceptance, in that moment when you say, “Father, I can not do this alone, but with your help…” the assistance will come. The arrogance of man is that they, and when I say they, I am not just saying male, but female as well, think that they can do it alone. This is part of the Fall of the First Parents. You are not an entity onto yourself. Yes, there are many individual souls. To be At-One with the Father is to be accepting and acknowledging that you are not alone. You are open to the Divine Love influencing guidance, which will bring you to your true home.

In that humbleness, in that openness, in that acceptance, you are provided for, you are cosseted and befriended and know that as your foot falls upon the path, there are many there encouraging you, guiding you, to open up and be in all senses of the word. There is no pretension; there is no mask with another identity behind it. It is in dwelling. Your consciousness changes. Your heart opens up. Your soul expands. The fears and doubts of the mind dissolve.

Yes, we tell you this in different words, often enough. When are you going to remember and do? … Do you feel the Love? Do you see the difference? How much easier is this than the struggling of the mind? If you are going into negativity, fear, doubt, hopelessness, then understand that you have allowed the mind to take ascendancy over the soul. Yes, it is an alarm for you to pray more deeply and humbled yourself. Allow the Father to guide you, as He has guided you all along the path. You have not abandoned the Truth, have you? You may have strayed, but you know the Truth. It will set you free. Agree that you have allowed for it to set you free.

How much more courage does it take to get up, dust yourself off, and continue versus be frozen in the helplessness of fear that you have let a false belief encompass you into thinking that there is no way out? We come to you. We hear your souls call, for it is a clarion call to us. With our love, we remind you, that which you already know.

Have stronger faith. Pray more deeply. You will see constancy in the Love that will change how you view this life, what you really hear and what you allow escape your lips. You will be in the “creative moment of beingness in the Love.” With the Laws of Harmony and Soul’s Progression, you will see, hear and speak as a new being, transformed in the Love.

Can you believe what I have said to you? Can you trust in the Father? Ask for worthiness. Ask for mercy that you may get a healing. Ask that the Love bind up these wounds of unworthiness. Stay true to the Love and you will have no fear.

My love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, transformed in the Divine Love, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.