The love of the Father is with you. Feel the inflowing of His Divine Love into your souls. In welcoming this gift, the Father’s transforming Grace, the Divine Love lights you and illuminates your soul. This changes your very countenance. This inner light brings a peace and a balance to you.

There is no need for boastfulness, as this Love brings you a tranquility and harmony. It softens you. It realigns you in a grace that is of reverence. You are transformed.

The chatter is quieted in you mind, as you open up to a more direct pipeline of communication. You become a part of a consciousness that we partake in. You become a part of that community of Love. This is part of your existence in the Father’s Kingdom. You begin to resonate with the Love and a music that is unique.

You become more aware of your truer existence in the spirit world of the Father’s transformed souls that makes you in this world, but not of it. You are more of an inhabitant of this Kingdom and become more conscious of It. With that realization you choose your words more carefully. You hear with a profound understanding of Love and empathy to others. You see with a vision where you see into their souls and recognize them as your true brothers and sisters deserving of your love. You have a greater appreciation of the human condition.

So, I share with you, as you walk along this path, be aware that you are of this other existence and are for the time gifted with being able to make an impact on this world. You start with yourself. You start with the individual. You make peace and harmony exist in your temple. You take responsibility for your soul – The condition of your soul and your relationship to God. In doing so, you do your house cleaning to rid yourself of those things that are not in the Love.

In taking on this capacity of love, you replace those things that are not serving you with Light and Love. You expand the goodness and harmony that is yours. You hear, think, touch, and exist in a higher consciousness.

In this plane of resonance and Love, you are supported. You tap into a wealth of existence and powers that are there for those who wish to be on this place of existence in the Father’s Kingdom. You are closer and have a better understanding of your Father.

In this existence of understanding, you allow yourself a gift of allowing the Father’s Will to prevail. This aligns you with the power, consciousness and overview that you are not caught up in the frailties and pitfalls of this world. You rise above them to see and understand the plane of cause and effect and what thoughts you harbor.

Being in a plane of existence of Love, you gather about you thoughts of Love and give and speak in giving value to each and every one of the souls you encounter. Go in grace. Go in peace. Be in the Love. Accept yourselves as true individuals transformed by the Love of the Father.

Take on more of the Christ spirit. Welcome this change. Give thanks to our Heavenly Father and truly come to know Him. He is the giver of all gifts and is understanding, and appreciative of you, the individual.

Come join us and receive this profound Gift and allow your souls to resonate in the Love.

I am your brother and friend Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.