I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus.

I wish to thank you for sharing your prayers tonight and allowing them to go to the Father. I am here in view of some of the others who wish to speak because it was felt that it would be easier for those of you who wish to approach and ask to do so.

Mary: What is it you wish to say I____? Is there anything you would like to ask us?

I__: I want to ask about [my son] C___.

Mary: What aspect of C____ to you wish to address?

I__: Well, on the issue about school and him not saying what is on his mind.

Jesus: I am here, Jesus, and I will address you regarding C__. First of all I would like to say that he is a wonderful, young man. He is seeking to understand the world as he knows it with his own eyes. At times, this will cause him to pull away from you, in that he wants to “test the water” for himself. Yet, he knows his dependency upon you.

Sometimes, it comes out in a manner that feels as if he is pushing you away. What he is trying to do is “test the waters” for himself and at the same time holding you at arm’s length so, that you are not running there to pick him up. Sometimes the manner in which this is done is not as gentle as it can be.

Know that he does love you. It is just that he needs to work on honoring you, as well as himself, in a manner that is more respectful and sacred to both of you. So, forgive him his shortcomings on this. We know that you will do this being his mother and the strong love that you have for him.

In terms of school, you will need to have him see what his long range plans are.

Who is it that he trusts that you know he respects, in terms of school, that you know of, I___?

I__: That he respects?

Jesus: That you are aware of?

I__: I know most of his friends don’t do well in school.

Jesus: I mean an adult teacher. Who is it that he respects?

I__: Maybe not…

Jesus: It would be good for you to talk to him on this issue. He is in need of a role model.

I__: Should I take him to a therapist, tonight? But he didn’t want to go. He was really good, real spiritual.

Jesus: If you approach the therapist, independently of taking your son, you will have a better approach, where it isn’t him feeling that he is being forced. This will assist you. He needs to have a barometer of reality that he can feel his own manhood without feeling that he is still cradled in your arms.

I__: Did his grades start dropping in school because he got a car or because he has too much to do?

Jesus: You already know the answer to that don’t you, sister?

I__: I am not sure.

Jesus: Then I will sum it up for you. As you know, the vehicle is a means of escape and declaring his independence. Yet, if he does not have a framework of responsibility, (and I mean this other than just monetary responsibility), then his values will be those that he sees and places with the success of his friends, his peers.

So, again I say, approach the counselor first so that it will be a decision made by both of you, rather than an imposed situation. Do you understand what we are saying?

I__: Yes.

Jesus: He is at a cross-roads where he does see life. He does see the value. At the same time, he does not want to give up his new-found friendship, as he has been buried in a world of his own for so long. He is finally being accepted. As hard as it may be, you need to take an active role in finding out if these are the people that you really want him associated with, in terms of setting up desires that he will take with him into manhood.

I__: Probably not. (Ha ha!)

Jesus: Is there anything else you wish to ask us at this time?

I__: Is it meant for me to get a full time teaching job?

Jesus: Only if that is what will make you happy.

I__: No, since I am doing it for money.

Jesus: Your key is finding your own fulfillment and the money will follow. Ask for help from Mary on this. We love you. We see how hard you struggle. Know that you can ask for support and receive it.

Mary: Is there anyone else who wishes to ask a question? J____, do you have another question?

J___: (Unintelligible.)

Mary: Let me just share this with you. If you will see with your soul’s perception the talent that you have been blessed with that allows you to express yourself in a fashion more fulfilling then any other, with this expression see your uniqueness and how blessed you are. Be thankful for that. You will do a lot more, then just making yourself a livelihood. With this creative expression, which flows out of your self-love, you will not feel stifled or bound by the rigor of conventions set upon you by the so-called “polite society”.

Yes, you are bound by man-made laws, in terms of being in harmony with them. However, you are bound by a greater law, the Spiritual Laws of the Father, in terms of being in harmony. These will carry you farther because you will be helping assist in nourishing your spirit.

As you pray to feel a greater Love, a connection with those souls will help keep you on this higher plane of creativity, love and active health and harmony. You will be lighter, freer from worry.

The insistent agony you go through at the end of each month, wondering…. I will let you fill in the ending of that sentence in your own unique situations. Then you will begin to let go of those habits that have brought you to a place of confusion.

Instead of spiraling down, you will see an ascension in your energy, your health, as well as in your prosperity. I am only saying what you already know. If you will take a moment to make this your own, it is not as hard as you think.

Each of you needs to look in your heart and see the worthiness you have. Acknowledge the blessings you have. Also, see what has propelled you to this moment.

Acknowledge the goodness in each of you. Acknowledge your right to be fulfilled. Know that it does not have to be as hard as you want to make it because it really is not.

Breathe in the relief and Love that is here for you. There is an abundance of Love here for you. There is an abundance of provisions made possible for each of you. There is no scarcity in your life, safe that which you place before you.

If this is not what you really want, then let go of those dark thoughts that keep you from being where you would like to be. Let go of those rapports with the spirits who are envious of you having an existence in this earth life that they have already had.

This is your time. Make the most of it. Feel your soul’s potential and beauty. See how beloved you are. This is not a new statement. Yet, if you can combine the heart-felt joy that you have known in your lives during those times when you have felt your best, then you know there is even more to come.

The Father would not take you to this point in your life if He did not see and want you to see, that you have higher joys yet to follow. Those parts of your life have not been in the past. They are here if you open your eyes to see it. This is but one of the many pauses you will make along the path you seek to fully enjoy your dance.

We will talk again. I am your sister and friend, Mary the mother of Jesus.