I am here, Jesus.

We see the progress made, and I want you to be aware that you are going forward in the Love. You are right. Those things that come up, you will deal with, because the Divine Love of the Father is eradicating those things that are out of harmony with the Love. So, be patient and know that you are being provided for.

Understand that we are shining examples of the Love at work and so are you. If you could see but with your eyes, your soul eyes, you would see how bright your souls are with the Love. You would be and work more diligently, at coming more and more to the forefront in this Love.

I ask you to renew yourselves and make good your pledges. Know that my love is with you.

I am your brother and friend, Jesus


I am here Michael, sometimes referred to as archangel.

All of you would be at heaven’s gate if you would have the Love that is here for you. If you would but know, the Love that is here for you, there is so much abundance if you would just open up to feel the Love. That is not to say we have not experienced the times we have watched you open up to the Love and how you are filled with the glow of that Love. How your soul radiates that Love and I want to say that glow emanates from you and this room. There are more delights and hearts are filled with gladness to see this thing flowing with the Love. Yes, we pray with you and receive the Love, but it’s such a satisfaction to each of us to know that you are growing in the Love.

The end of January is at hand and you said you wished to experience more of that Love on a conscious plane. You will do so the more you pray and open up to the Love. I ask you to sustain that Love by saying, ‘I am in the Love.’ ‘I acknowledge the Love.’…

You will feel that Love. You will see it more present with you. Ask for these healings to be sustained and to fully share the Love. We will assist you in all the ways that we can.

Make it real for you and know that the Father is opening up and sharing this wealth of joy with you. Feel the Love and grow, and exalt and be wonderfully glowing and healthy in the Love. Feel those anxieties, those doubts, any disharmonies drop from you. I am glad for you and trust that you will understand what I have said and use it.

With love and blessings, I am your brother, Michael