I am here, Jesus. Thank you for coming and sharing. Thank you for your foresight. Thank you for shaking up the congregation, D___. Your Father’s Love is strong with you. Your heart is full. Just keep shining this Love. Know that you will get all the support you’ll need.

I ask at this time for you each to recommit to the goal of spreading the Father’s Love. Yes, do envision what you wish for this community.

Envision what you wish for yourselves, for these foundations must be strong. Your temple, your individual temples, must be bright and light – Full of acceptance and open enough to allow more and more brightness to shine through.

Coming from this place of healing, this place of love, this place of your love affair with the Father, and your acceptance of being His true child, your community will grow beyond any boundary, beyond which you can imagine. Keep this in mind.

I am well pleased. I know you will come further. Look upon this week as the opportunity to open up, feeling God’s Love in your life. Allow yourself to be bathed. Hug the Father’s Love closer to you. Know that every fiber of your being will be renewed and restored.

I am with you often in prayer. I ask you to call upon me more and more, especially during those times when you doubt yourself, for that is the time for you to pray, and to see what really is important. The lesson for you to see, this week, is to know yourself. Accept yourself.

Trust. Ask God the Father to allow you to see the beauty you have within, and allow more of that to come forth.

We are tuning up the healing that is being channeled to you, for you to allow those hard residues, those quarries of doubt and unworthiness, to dissipate. Know this is your goal for this week.

Pray for the Love to glow. Pray for the Love to rehabilitate every fiber of your being, and allow your soul to glow. Reflect on this.

Reflect on what this means. Reflect on how this changes how you express yourself. Reflect on how this changes how you think about yourself. You will become more than who you are. You will be tuning more into the consciousness, the greater consciousness, of the Father’s Great Plan.

Much joy will come to you. Let go of your sorrow, your shame, and your doubt. Allow us in your lives. Allow us in your lives more now than you have before. If you can keep this frame of mind, note how you change when next we meet, for it will be substantial.

With my love, I am your brother, Jesus.