I am here Jacob. I come tonight to answer your question and to give my love. Your friend is being nurtured and protected. The prayers going to the Father are being answered. There is a great force field of Light and Love surrounding her and assisting her.

Many angels of different levels and abilities are with her and assisting her. Let her know that she is loved more than she realizes.

Let her know that it is her faith that will be the key to her health. You know that I do not mean religion, but faith in the Father, His Mercy and Assistance.

It is your expression of faith that is the conduit. The larger or the stronger the faith, the larger the conduit that the Love can flow through and assist with healings. This is not exactly an accurate description, but it is a metaphor that can assist.

The faith allows the soul to rise higher in the spheres beyond its natural level to a place where healing angels can assist it with healing. The faith is the thing that removes the barriers of the mind that block the healing energies that we have to offer.

The faith is what opens the soul to the Light of the Father and the Love that He has to offer.

Tell this child, your friend, how much she is loved by God. She is being assisted. As the prayer said, it is only she who can interfere with her health. In other words, let her know that if she works to increase her faith and does prayers to the Father for His Love and Mercy, she will be greatly assisted.

The other forms of natural healing will assist, too. It will help open the blocks and remove the fears that keep her from being fully in the Love and open to the Light. Yes, she has made great strides and progress on this path. She has a little ways more to go.

The Divine Love that you know about needs to be shared with her. As she incorporates the prayer for the Divine Love, that will be further conditioning her soul to partake of a place of higher estate and development. The Divine Love also attracts the Celestial Angels to assist her.

So, keep up your prayers, each of you. Send your love to her. Know that your prayers are being answered. She is being assisted more than you realize. You can share those other things that you have been impressed with, too. That will help.

I go in Love. I am your friend and brother, Jacob, a true follower of our Master, Jesus the Christ, who is teaching souls still about the Father’s Love and Mercy that is available to all. Be in the Love. I go now. I am your brother, Jacob.