I ask that you let go of the encumbrances of this earth plane. I ask that you allow yourself to absorb the Healing Wonderment of the Father’s Gift, the Divine Love. It is here for your thirsty souls to partake in.

Feel the comfort of the Blanket of Love upon you, each. Your Father has an unending supply of this Love that is being bestowed upon you. Feel the warmth, the emanations of this Love brings to you, as it is absorbed into your souls. Feel the transitions and your soul ascends to higher realms in the spirit world. You have many supporters encouraging, grooming and supporting you.

There has been a shift in your consciousness that has gone from the mind’s concept of being isolated to you lowering that shroud and allowing in the Light of Gratitude, the Light of Togetherness, the truth of support and companionship.

It was but an illusion that you were cut off from the Source. So, it is understanding more and more that you need to ask that your free will acquiesce to that of the Father’s. It is only pride, unworthiness, and the falsity of the illusions, of the influences of this earth, have clouded your vision.

In saying that, what you have asked for and what you are ready to receive is already here. Do you know how much God loves us, each? Do you know how beloved you are? Can you see yourself beyond the opaque and sometimes black shroud of doubt? See the soul and the Emanation of Light that is reflecting the Substance that your soul has absorbed.  This and more our Heavenly Father bestows upon you, each. Can you love yourselves? Can you love each other – To interact and dwell in the consciousness that comes to you by fully accepting that this Love of our Heavenly Father and the support that is here for you is more real than all of the allurements of this earth plane?

Behold the kingdom is upon you! Step forward in the Light. Drop those burdens from your shoulders. You are being healed.  Let go of those encumbrances. Lead with your heart because it is connected to your higher self. This Love is not a selfish love. This Love is all encompassing. Your Father’s Nature is upon you. Allow It to absorb anything that is less than that Love.

Your souls burn, brightly!  Accept your true nature. When you do that, you allow yourself to hear the truth in the heart and soul, of each and every encounter with another. Instead of judgment, instead of prejudice, you will allow the Light to shine through you. You allow your spirit band, who will help facilitate those changes needed, in the makeup, of your life. They will be reflected in each footfall you take because you won’t be sleep walking through your life.

There will be more self-awareness. You will see, (with the inflowing of this Love, of you allowing Love to do its work, collectively, as well as individually, how these hundreds of thousands of souls, who participate in this gathering), the Truth.

If you can do that, if you can allow this, then ask for help with fear, doubt, hatred, and uncertainty, all of that armor that the human mind puts up and manifests into a shroud around this earth. When you put your faith and know the Truth of the power of the Father’s Divine Love, you allow in that free flowing, in that communication of direct alignment into a power more fabulous than you ever imagined. You are aligned with home. It molds you and makes you a new creature, as you become a vessel allowing flowing of God’s Truth. You have a stronger foothold, in your lives, in the earth plane, as well as crossing over to the spiritual realms.

You let go of pain and suffering because you see it for what it is. Your perspective changes. You begin to notice those lessons that you need to learn and master. You flow in an understanding in and in an existence and in a sphere of enlightenment. We encourage you to challenge yourself. We encourage you to believe the truth – That you are not a creature of sin.

So, let go of what you no longer need and see with eyes of Love. Be aware of what you manifest in this earth. Be aware of your thoughts. Ask for assistance to being aligned in the Love and it will be yours.

Do you know how happy we are here, to share with you in this service? How willingly we come forth to participate and share the good word and the truth to the souls who are here? We acknowledge you, each and every one of you, (including those who just come to find out what this is about and maybe in fear of discovery). You are all accepted here because we are family.  We are family. The Father wants you to know Him. Know who you really are and join this Feast of Thanksgiving. “For behold you are called to sit at the table.”

The Feast of the Divine Love is an endless banquet of joy and beauty. Prepare yourselves and share by living and being examples of this Love – Not for posturing, not for whom may be looking at you, but because you accept that you have already gone through the doorway and the path before you is bright in Love and promise, truth and joy.

Come Home!

I am your friend and brother, in the Divine Love,

Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens