It is I, mother, your son, Autumn. Yes, I thought that thought would get your attention more than any other, and it did. Yes, you were more aware of me. I was happy to be in your thoughts, though I did not want them to go to the sad things. I was with you and the children when you were in the car. I was at the movie, back and forth. I always say that in that manner for you to understand that I don’t leave any of you alone for very long.

You were heard by all of us. We send you our love. It is so important for you to include the children and allow expression for the Love. They need to understand that it is also important for them to remember that they can go to God privately and share the Love. Ask for It. This is what we wish to instill in them. They seek the Love, regardless of the company, and establish that relationship to God, which is so important.

I also want to say at this time that the lightness in this home is a direct reflection of the Love that you hold here. As you bring more Love in, more light comes in, more opportunities flow to you. Do not harbor dark thoughts for they keep you from being open and receiving those things that bless you in so many ways.

Know that you are loved. We will be with you and pray with you. We also wish you to know that there are new opportunities to excel in your skills and in the Love, if you will make the commitment. Then we will come and pray with you more. Make a daily commitment of praying to receive the Love and know that more harmony will come to you, more abundance, more joy, more peace and understanding.

Goodwill will prevail if you will do this for me. Do it for yourself. Do it for your love of God and His Divine Love transforming you at a more accelerated pace.

Yes, I will go for now, but I will not before I tell you that Marcelena, Jacob, and Aryan send love. We each love you. So, have no fear. When the day comes when you pass over, you will be met and welcomed and loved by all of us.

God’s Love to you each, I am your brother, son, and friend in the Love. Thank you for sharing my birthday in this fashion and ending it with prayer. I love you, too. Goodbye for now.