The souls of man go through many changes in the courses of their lifetime. I share this for you to understand that it is never to late for a soul to change on their outlook. Too many times, people give up saying that it is too late for them, that they are too old to change. They look at the mess that they have made of their lives. How can there possibly be a way out, any salvagability.

I am here to share with you that one of the greatest betrayals to mankind is having them give up hope. The Father does forgive. This forgiveness is not put in the hands of mortal men but put in the hands of God for the repentant soul. Too many times, thoughtless acts have their repercussions. If compensation does not come in the earth life, what is sown is reaped and brought face to face with the perpetrator in the spirit world.

This is not said to scare you, but it is said to have you wake up to these facts. I say facts because that reality is one each of you will make in the course of your cycle – Be it here on earth or in the spirit world. How much time have you given to your soul’s condition. How worried were you in accepting responsibility for the health and well being of your soul? How can you say you wish to serve in your soul and neglect your health here on earth? Is that not a betrayal of God’s Laws, as well?

My purpose in coming here isn’t to scold you, but it is to have you consider how you are leading your life, what you hold important. You say you wish to share the glad tidings to all mankind. How are you exemplifying these glad tidings within the scope of your own life? How are you taking care of the Father’s Gift of Life to you? How are you modeling what you say is the evolution of Man or Humankind if this evolution is unfolding and change is taking place, what differences have you noticed in your lives? What difference have you noticed in your soul’s progression? What difference have you noticed in the quality of your life, here on earth, as it is supposedly balanced with the development of your soul? How have you grown? How have you changed? If you are aware of stagnation versus change and evolution, is that a state you wish to continue in? Or do you wish to rectify and evolve? Have you asked for assistance and help? Are you of the belief that you, alone, have the ability to change the outcome? How humble are you in these circumstances to ask for help and assistance? How truly inspired are you in the Love to know your worthiness and to hear the ministering hands that come in preparation to assist, heal, soothe and comfort? What is it like, this transition of becoming a redeemed soul, a true child of the Father, in Love? Do you soar in happiness and joy or do you find yourself still stumbling over the same obstacles? What lesson is it that hasn’t quite been mastered that you see presented before you again and again? Have you taken the time to truly give thanks for what you have? Are you, forever, looking over the next horizon and not seeing what is around you and experiencing what life has to offer you, now?

By life, I mean not just this mortal life, but the spiritual life you have which is very much reality, as well. Are you acknowledging the goodness in your life or emphasizing more what you do not have? Where are you in the Love? Do you find an increase of the Love in your life? Are you making the connection? Is there anger held in your heart? Do know how to humble yourself and receive the Gift of Mercy?

The Father’s Healing Love will make you whole. Be open to receive. Your soul is gathering a strength of the Truth, a conviction in the salvation of the Love. Ask for integration of this Truth in all fibers of your being, allowing it to permeate your heart and soul in the transformation of the Divine Love changing you into a transformation of the Christ Spirit dwelling here and now.

Do not be left by the wayside for fear of worthiness, neglect or being afraid to even try. Ask for assistance in strengthening your desire, as well as your faith, in the Father’s Plan of Salvation to you and the rest of mankind. Come dwell in the House of the Lord, now and forever.

I am your brother and friend, Jesus.