You seem to have a turning away from accepting the true meaning of worthiness. If you are not worthy, than how can you truly believe that the Father’s Love is here for all? You have to begin by knowing that the Father in His Great Love and Goodness can see beyond our frailties to our true nature.

So many false teachers say that man is innately evil. Yet, in the pristine creation that the Father had for man or humankind, our natures, in harmony, are good. It is with the willful exercise of our free wills to challenge the Laws of the Father and exercise our wills against those laws that the state of sin existed. Yet, as we know sin being a creation of mankind, himself, it can be undone. However, the layering of those sins have multiplied to the point where man, without the assistance of Divine Intervention, is struggling to keep the “upper hand.”

It is letting go in humility and knowing our worthiness that we are open to seeing the avenue of asking for help. As long as we stand in arrogance, saying that me and me alone than, of course, the chances for dispelling the state of sin are lowered to a greater degree. Yet, when the seed of hope is planted there is a growth in our faith. There is a desire for learning. There is an incentive for transformation.

How very strange it is that so many are willing to accept that evil is a part of man’s makeup. Yet, when we say, “Goodness is,” they readily shy away from it saying that, “Well, of course, that cannot be.” Yet, it is so.

The state of those who came into this earth life millenniums ago, having found salvation and those who through the purification of their souls through man-made means, have the knowledge that it isn’t always so readily apparent to those who are just “on the path”. What I am saying is that had I not been blessed with being free from sin and having the angels show me the way to the Father and taking responsibility for my growth in taking on the Divine Nature of the Father, things could have been very different.

What I am here to say to you is who are dealing with so many things is that you have seen the truth revealed to you. You know of the Love. You know that you are not alone. What is it that you need in order to assist you in coming to a better understanding and invoking more Divine Love in your lives? It is not, as you think, of cutting this earth life any shorter than it already is. So, totally let go of that thought, here and now.

Do you have questions for me?

M: First of all, thank you for sharing, Master. I was wondering if you could assist us in what _____ is going through and how we may best assist them in what they are going through?

J: What ____ needs to see is you being happy in your lives. ___ sees the undercurrents that go back and forth. You are examples for teaching of teaching what it is to be responsible. So, what I would share with you is how are you putting forth the love that you know of, the teachings you are well versed in and the Divine Love being manifested in your lives so that they carry and permeate the other aspects of your lives? What are you reflecting? What lessons are you teaching? How are you carrying the Light?

Do you have a better understanding now?

M: Yes. Thank you.

J: This is not to negate the other questions you are holding, but it is to share with you a better sense of how simple this really is.

What else do you wish to ask?

M: This is your second mention of life being cut short. I was wondering if you could be more specific in who you may be referring to and how I, we may be able to assist in showering our love upon ____ and showing them that they are needed and loved?

J: What I want to share with you is that no one person is being singled out. There are many who hold these thoughts. They are brought forth more at this time, during the holidays, than at other times because there are less distractions out in the world and more time to spend in self-contemplation. So, this is not for any one particular person when I share that a great percentage of you dwell on these thoughts.

If you think not, consider how much you watch in entertainment that has to do with battles and deaths. At the time when you see this acted out, what regret or remorse do you see, other than the hero or heroine handling and cutting down an adversary? What thought is given to those souls? Even if it is play acting, many times it is acted out in real life, on the earth plane, with no thought of what is happening, in terms of the impact of that soul and those of the perpetrator.

What I am sharing is that this has become so common-place to the point where it is not even given a second thought except, say on Sundays, which is not enough.

So, what I am sharing is be conscious of what you hold in importance – Even the so-called entertainment distractions that you allow yourselves to indulge in because they put you in a thought-awareness consciousness of those spirits who hold those thoughts. You attract that energy to you. It feeds upon that energy. Thus, it is much harder to let go without asking for divine intervention to change the course of the level of your thoughts and what you hold to be important in your life.

The more you are surrounded by higher thoughts, more loving thoughts and consciousness, the more you see this manifested in your lives. The more you hold unto negativity and a baser element the more it will influence you.

Do you see what I am sharing with you? Do you understand why those thoughts leading to act are permeating and having an impact upon the environment, here? Do you see how they negate what is being taught during services?

M: Yes.

J: There is a direct imbalance that we are referring to. So, if you were to take just a so-called, “mental evaluation” and do a scale in which to tally, what would hold the greater weight? You don’t have to answer that, but in all honesty, I am sure you have the answer, already.

Do you see how so-called “random acts” have a cumulative influence and impact on what you really are feeding and immersing yourself in and where you are placing your true treasures? It is the proverbial “double-life.”

Do you understand?

M: Not specifically.

J: Let me give you a fictional character. Walter Mitty could go and do anything with his imagination. Yet, lead a completely, different, humdrum life. He stored his treasures in that imaginative life. The same thing is happening when you allow yourself to watch those things that will feed a baser part of your nature versus a higher part of your nature.

Is this clear enough?

M: Yes.

J: I am sharing with you that you have a dual nature. Your spiritual nature will continue long after the appetites of your animal nature dissolve into dust. Where are you putting the emphasis?

Little by little, even if it is something that is done a fraction of a moment longer than before, you slowly begin to tip the scales.

You have talked about letting go of those things that no longer serve you to make room for the new in letting go of so-called, “relics of the past” that are no longer you. It is not only done on a physical level, but a spiritual level. Ask for help and guidance and it will be given to you. You will unburden yourself of old raiment that you have long since outgrown, but hold fast to because it is something that is familiar and you are used to it.

However, if it no longer serves you and does not bring about the end results that you desire, why keep it around? Do you understand that it is breaking an old habit and reinforcing newer ones that will allow you to grow in an area that through exercise of that new way of not only approaching, but in manifesting to have a new beingness, you will readily excel in. This is especially true if you ask for divine intervention and assistance in breaking those chains that bind you.

Have I assisted you?

M: Yes. Thank you.

Change happens, as you know, in progression, which is why the soul’s progression is continually upward, going through the various spheres and into the celestial realms. For even in those areas of perfection, there is more to come. How can one be open to receive the new if one cannot let go of what satisfied him in the past?

By this, understand that I mean for your integration of the Love, that we eradicate the hunger and need for those things that weren’t in the Love, even though, at one time, you may have thought that the answer. Understand also, I am not talking about truth, which will never vary in its degrees. I am talking about the things that we used to assist us that weren’t necessarily, in the truth, nor were they to our souls’ benefit and development. However, they did suffice us on a material level for one reason or the other.

In our continual expansion, letting go and understanding of what is and is not, what is really real, this earth life you lead is not real. This is not to say that the same laws that effect the spirit world do not govern you. What is more real is your souls’ existence in the spirit realm. As you have said that that is the focus that you would like to go, what house cleaning do you think you need to do in order to prepare for that?

What I am not saying is to neglect the needs of the body and what you need to handle, in terms of living in this earth realm. However, I am sharing with you there needs to be a different reevaluation of where it is you want to go and how you get there. Even if you don’t have all of the answers, they will be supplied to you.

So, what are doing to increase your soul’s development in the Love? It is too easy to go back to different points in the past and say well, I did this and I did that. It doesn’t negate that it wasn’t worthy or giving or of value. However, that is the past and this is now. From this point of beingness in the Love, if you want to explode in your development, then be prepared to receive. You need to make room. You need to open up and allow. What are doing to allow?

I have said enough for now, but I challenge you. If this is your purpose, here and now, are you prepared?

My love and blessings, I will leave you with this thought. Be in the Love, the Divine Love and all that that entails. God’s Blessings to you each.

I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.