I am here, Joseph.

I understand that sometimes you may be distracted, but it is really important for you to focus on the Love that is here and our purpose for coming to see you. I need you to make more of an effort for this to be a special time for your soul’s nourishment.

You spend an inordinate amount of time taking and satisfying those needs of the body. This is your time for spiritual nourishment. This is that part of you that will exist long after that body has crumbled to dust. Now, I ask you to think of that in proportion to how much time you spend satisfying the needs of your physical body. Then you will have some measure of the importance and how precious this time is for your soul’s development and nourishment. Think about it. Would you be able to sustain yourself? How well would you sustain yourself on the small portion that you give to your soul right now, if it were to change places with your body? If you can think of it that way, you will come more into a balance of allowing your spiritual needs to be met and satisfying its spiritual hunger.

Think about what I have said. I am your brother in Christ, Joseph.


I am here, Autumn.

I don’t think I really need to say anything other than where do you place the importance of your attention right now? What is most important for you right now? Where are you putting your treasures? I think coming from that perspective, you’ll understand why we approach you the way we do. Not to scold you, but to have you look at and see for yourself, what really is important.

I’ll come again. I love you all. I am your brother, Autumn. I love you my mother.