I ask for you, to nurture your souls. I ask for you to seek forgiveness. I ask for you, each, to dissipate ego. In the state of humility and reverence, you will see your own worthiness and in everyone around you. It is so merciful that the Father can see beyond the veils of ignorance, in each of us, what is true in our natures and hearts.

We wish to come home. We wish to know ourselves. We wish to be the best that we can be. The Father’s Love shines upon us each, whether we deem one person or the other to be worthy of that Love. The Father provides for us, each. Know this and not raise a back-hand to each other. Strive to bring the best out of each other. Acknowledge each other. In each of us, there is a cry from a child longing to be nurtured and loved, wanting approval, and wanting to thrive in that Love.

Seek to encourage each other. Know that in the encouragement, there is a jewel waiting to beam forth and shine brightly in each of us. Give more emphasis on the good. In that goodness, and in that acknowledgement, it will help to dissipate those so-called flaws that are less than sterling. More emphasis will be put upon wanting to strive for the goodness. That will be the pathway in learning the lessons. Those character flaws or those actions that are less than sterling and wishing to be seen in the Light will dissipate and diminish as strength is found in the validation of our goodness.

I ask you, to see your goodness and the goodness of others. In that goodness, know that the words will be found to encourage those things that are less than loving, to yourselves and others, to “fall by the wayside” because it will be an individual self-discovery in what does and does not work. I ask you to call upon your spirit guides to help bring forth your higher natures and your more perfect selves.

Rejoice in the Love of the Father and your relationship with Him. Ask to see, in the golden, haze of His Love, each other, as God sees you. This will change the fabric of your makeup. It will heighten your beingness in the Light of treading as an enlightened being in the Love. You will see beyond the facades. Individuals will know that you love them, despite those things that they know in their heart of hearts to be less than who they are.

In this acceptance, they will be able to face their infirmities. I ask that you, as a loving, soul, pray for mercy. I ask that your words have value. I ask that you find your voice and that be a voice of love – Not just reason, but tempered with Love. Loving words will bring more results. I ask that you make the effort to be more genuine with yourselves.

In being more genuine, you will not indulge in delusions. You will spend less time in pointing out character flaws. More emphasis will be made in the mutual striving of Love, progression and goodness. Your hearts will be lightened and less burdened.

Look at your hands. Study them. Consider, are your hands open, to give and receive love? Are they blocking to push away love? Heal them. Hold your hands in such a way that you encourage embracing love. Be also aware of those times when you are blocking love. Consider that a metaphor for your hearts, your souls and your minds.

I ask you, so you can truly give your love to the Father and be open to His Embrace of the Divine Love. Doesn’t that show you how you carry on your lives in this world, upon this path? This path has many twists and turns yet, they all show you the way to Him. It is up to you, if your path be blind with delights or strewn with many crevices and bogged down in pitfalls.

Ask to be worthy. Ask to know the Truth and embrace the Love that is here for you. The Father wishes you only happiness and joy. Ask to be worthy to receive it. Know that in this worthiness comes peace of mind, an abundance of Love and a joyful heart.

I am your sister and friend, Mary, a divine daughter in our Father’s Kingdom and sister to you, each. Be in the Love.