I am here, Jesus. I ask for you to be open to the Light and Peace the Father’s Love brings into your lives. We know that there are times when, in despair, you forget your soul’s potential for the Love and turn away from the Light. Yet, in those moments, if you cry out to us for help, how much easier it will be for you. No one is turned away. No one is left behind. How can we get you to remember this? Even though there may be a shadow that may be a troubled situation, if you look deeper and trust in the Love of your Father, the Light will show the way. If you have settled on the path, it will be shown to you.

If you fail to see the Light, a gentle tap will nudge you in the right direction. If you get confused and fail to see the path, a seed will be planted in your soul to guide your mind to a higher level of consciousness to help soothe your furrowed brow.

Do you know how much you are beloved by the Father? Do you know how happy He is when a soul finds his way to the Light? Do you honestly think that the Father wishes you to suffer? If you do find yourself suffering, if you ask to come to know the lesson, it will be shown to you, in such a light, that you will not fail to comprehend its meaning. Isn’t that why it is so satisfying that we put it in such a way as, “The Light has shone upon us.” “My eyes that have been blind have been opened.” It is that stark a reality of a distance that you come into when you fully understand that the suffering has been needless.

However, perhaps in that presentation was what was needed in order to get your attention and show you a better way. This is not to say that living upon this earth plane, with all of its different experiences, isn’t a challenge, for it is. Yet, it is but a small price to pay for the everlasting glory, of the bounty, of the kingdom that awaits you. Yet, one person’s paradise will be another person’s purgatory. So, the Father, and His bestowal of individuality upon souls as they incarnate “in the flesh,” allows the free will choice.

Yes, even the babe has choice. Yet, how much easier to influence them, than so-called learned, wise, men amongst you, who have piled up so many beliefs, that they are the hardest to turn to the Truth. Yet, the innocent babe is the first to recognize the goodness that is there for the taking.

What I am sharing in this is look to your young. They are wiser beyond their years. They have learned the lesson sooner. They are not so caught up in the conversations of their forebears. Therefore, understand that you are as beloved as the most highly placed of the Father’s children in His Kingdom of Divine Love.

If you will only open your eyes to see, to ask, and be open to receive. What riches are before you are beyond measure, beyond so-called values equated to them by the material aspects of those appetites that mankind has acquired. Yet, what is the most lasting? What is the most precious? What in those last moments of life, here on earth, has the most meaning for you?

I am just trying to remind you that you are footfalls from the next phase of your existence. Your soul has the preponderance to continue to want the upper hand. If you would but allow it to follow its natural urges, how more easy and pleasant your life will be, instead of you setting your mind in the position of saying, “This is the best course for me.”

You will be met with souls. The Spirit of the Love will prevail in your life and set such a bright, shining, course of Light that you will be able to go forth in joyousness. Isn’t this better than the slipping and sliding and stumbling and falling and woes that have beset you over the years?

I have been sharing with you that it is easier and with less effort than you ever imagined. It is that simple. Come to the Father’s Arms of Love and be filled with His Divine Love. Know more joy than your soul could have ever wished to discover. If you want more love, more happiness in your life then, “Seek ye first the kingdom.” You will be wealthier beyond your greatest dreams, desires and be happier, still. A Light will shine through you and more will come to seek out what is this that makes you stand apart. You will share this Love and be benefited.

Give your love and share that Love with others. I look forward to speaking with you, again and sharing more. I am your friend and brother in the Divine Love and Light. Allow your light to shine. I am your brother and friend, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.