I am here, Michael. I have been referred to as Archangel Michael, but Michael suffices. Allow your souls to be enthralled by the inflowing of the Divine Love. Receive the healing that is here for you. Prayer is a necessary part of the healing process that is being felt here at this time. Know that God’s Love for you never abates. Give thanks to your Heavenly Father for allowing your souls to be more open and receptive.

We ask that you focus more, during the services, of readying your souls to be vessels for the Love to come into. Do not hold such a density of resistance. Resistance takes the form of closing yourself down. Resistance takes the form of allowing yourself to be distracted. Resistance takes the form of putting other things before God.

This is one of the most important, if not the most important things that you will do in your lifetime – How you make ready for yourselves to take in an abundance of Love. Or you can choose not to correlate with the quality of your life, as well as your placement in the spirit world at the time of your passing.

It behooves you to consider what you will reap after you leave this earth life. Give your love and know that the Father’s Love will rain down upon you in such abundance that you will be a joyful soul in spreading the “Glad Tidings of This Rebestowal.”

There are times when we have read your thoughts, when you thought you were alone, misunderstood, and under appreciated, especially during those times when you took a moment and really asked to know the truth. You will find that you have isolated yourselves when there was so much Love around you, wanting to have an inflowing and experience, if you would only go the Father.

The Father provides everything you need. The Father is the source of all Love. Take your dissatisfactions and go to the Father. Talk to Him. Make your relationship with God a personable relationship and come to know Him. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Ask the Father for help with your earthly needs. Though they are not as important to Him as your souls’ condition in the Love yet, He provides for those aspects of what you need to live upon this earth plane. He sends many helpers to assist, counsel and guide you. Seek the Love and know a calmer, more joyous, loving existence than you have experienced, hence.

There are times when the soul as it grows, seeks counsel. Especially during those times, ask the Father for the Truth to be revealed to you. It will be made know. Also, seek to let go of judgement. Use judgement as a tool on what is being reflected back for you to know.

Do you have any questions you wish to ask me at this time?

Q: I have a question. My stepmother’s sister’s husband had some medical problems and they were all asking why he had to suffer so much. They thought he was a good man. I didn’t have an answer for my father when he asked me that. Could you, maybe provide some enlightenment on that question?

A: I wish to share this with you. Physical suffering, even by someone who you said, lived a good life, does not have to infer that that person had some dark secret they were hiding. It does say is that there are times when generational retribution is netted by those who inherit certain beliefs or carry with them those things that are generational within a family. This isn’t to say that the innocents, at times, don’t suffer, because they do. It is also to say that if you can look upon what is happening with someone at a soul level versus the manifestations of the physical, you have a better idea of what the cause is – Such as cancer in the degree or place where that cancer may take place.

Suffering in the throat is a direct result of communication, the words we put out. This is a small example. Also, when a person isn’t stomaching.

Most especially in the cases of children who do not have a developed will, they are influenced by the environment and those around them and take on, more readily the sins of the parents, the grandparents. This you can see in cases of cancer in children or malformations. So, be aware of thought because it has a creative force. Be aware of what you speak because it has a power all of its own. Be aware of the source, from where it is originating.

As the Divine Love comes into your souls, it will bring up those things that are unresolved and need to be addressed. I share this for you to see where we place our thoughts is very important. Consider that at this time.

With my love and blessings, I will leave you for now, but will come again. I am your friend and brother, Michael.