The Father’s Mercy is here and you have been blessed. Take the time to consider that you have been blessed with the knowledge of the Divine Love for so many years. You have used the reception of this Love in a way that is only being judged by the standards of material life here on earth, when you fail to gauge it by the spiritual significance, which is the truer sense of gauging your endeavors.

You, who participate in these services and take the time to pray, must know that we encourage many souls to come to you and partake of those special times. I say this to acknowledge that you play an important part in your soul’s ascension, as well as an active role in assisting the many legions of souls that have come to you. I say legions because that there have been many more than you are aware of. As such, I am sharing with you that you do a great service when you take the time to pray aloud, to read the messages, and also look at how you are changing your life and the lives of others during those times you make the leap of faith and share the Truth of the Father’s Love.

Those individuals have many souls amongst them, too, who seek out and want to witness what it is that we are endeavoring to present. So, I share with you, if you can consider every individual that you take an active role in sharing the Truth, multiply that by at least 500 additional souls and you will begin to see the impact that you have upon the world of spirits. You will be more inclined to take these opportunities to share the Love. My figures are not exaggerated. So I say this to you, in all humbleness, give thanks to the Father for His many blessings and the gifts of this Truth and this Love that you share.

Be more committed than ever to actively participate in this role of sharing the Love, which is “the light in the darkness” that draws many forth to see what this new thing is that they must know more about. So, be generous in your endeavors. Be generous in integrating this Love in your lives. Let It reflect in your thoughts, your words, and your actions. It means so much to those disbelievers in seeing the transformation that takes place in your soul and how you view the world and interact with others. It has meaning. It has substance. It has an impact.

We, who are here, as your brothers and sisters in this endeavor of Love, acknowledge you and say ”thank God we have another apostle in our midst unafraid to share the Love and give freely that gift of Love”.

So let not a sunset on you that you have not made an effort to create a relationship with a soul, a new soul, who so needs to hear the glad tidings that are brought forth by the rebestowal of the Gift to mankind. Make that a goal and we will all participate in the souls that come with that individual in helping them to see the Truth, the Way and the Light.

I am your brother and friend Michael, sometimes referred to as Archangel. Peace be with you each.