Sometimes I shiver and wonder
At Father’s sweet Grace,
And I think “How can You love me so much?”
Me, with my sadness, worry and shame.

In the daylight, I cried from my darkness
>From the depths of my heart
A still small voice dared “Just ask for His Love”
And I asked because, Father, I love you with all I know.

Day by day, I am drawn to Your Majesty
Even with my imaginings in which I hide
So immature, so out of touch
With astonishment I cry “How can You Love me so much?”

His Love, Divine Love, so gentle a substance
Taking me beyond myself to a place I treasure.
Moments of Joy, timeless seconds of Love, life really lived
His Hand touching me, my soul rejoicing.

How do I KNOW He loves me?
…I Asked.

Copyright 2002SWB