Greetings and love to you each, I am your sister and friend Mary. Wasn’t that a beautiful message from my son? There has been a great healing in you each. Feel the expansion of the Love in your souls. Are you aware of its beauty? As your souls are lightened in the Love and as you unburden yourself of the excrements of this earth plane, your vision, or a better word, your perception will be honed, in such a way, that the Love will be more readily accessible to you. As you learn to center yourself in the Love, there will be less instances where you are off balance. You will align yourself more and more in the Truth.

I ask for you to increase your daily prayers for the Divine Love and to be more aware of holding more heavenly thoughts. Remember to ask for mercy, during those times when you get caught up in those things of the earth plane that keep you from seeing the real truth that is being presented to you. Yes, the lessons will be before you.

It is with asking for help that you will rise above those instances where you allow your mind to be in ascendancy over your higher self and go back into the habits that, with the Truth of this Love, we wish you to discern and master.

Do you understand what I have said?
Good. I ask you to remember that you are never alone. Take comfort in the Love that it in your soul, not in the sense of false pride of importance, but in the knowledge that you are in school. As you wish to have a homecoming and graduation, in the presence of the Father, you are mastering those skills of what you would call being in kindergarten. Take heart in this – for there are many who don’t even master kindergarten. I only say this in this manner for you to understand that there are many, many, many lessons before you. If you have the openness of a kindergartner, or as we say, “A child thirsty and ready to learn, who has the whole world of possibilities before them,” then you will eagerly participate and know.

Yes, C____, we did awaken you to a fact of you having the thoughts, in high school, of wanting to go into special education and being shut off because of fear and taking a responsibility of another’s situation, as your own. Yet, how many years has it been that you have been surrounded by those beings, whom you wanted to help assist? Yes, you were urged to pray and even to sing, that you may know that you resonate with them. As were your thoughts, that day that you saw reflected in the actions of another, (though she was limited by her human limitations), her soul was wide awake and frustrated.

So, I am saying to you, each of you, to not be prejudiced in what may be the trappings or drappings of another. Awaken to the Truth of the Love that is there for you, each.

God’s Mercy and Love be with you. I am your sister and friend in the Divine Love, Mary, a daughter of our Father, who is filled more and more, each and every day, with His Divine Love, as I progress to His Fountainhead of Love.

How many years has it been since I left my” coat of flesh,” behind? Well, what I mean by that is, let go of your prejudice that you have over age, each of you. It is nothing in the so- called, “counting of time.” This is whether you are entertaining someone who is a mere babe or someone in their 20’s, 40’s, 50’s, 80’s or 100 and more. It matters not, in the great scheme of things.

So I ask you now, if you are ready to let go of those prejudices? God’s Love and Mercy be with you. I am glad that I was able to impart a bit of knowledge to you. It is just one of those excrements that was mentioned earlier, in the message from Luke that you will, I hope, happily cease to allow the light to be dimmed, in the Truth before you.

God’s Love and Mercy be with you each. I am your sister and friend Mary, who is blessed to be the mother of Jesus.