There is a gift of grace that comes to you when the Father in His Mercy and Loving Kindness, fills you with His Divine Love. This Spirit of Reverence invades every corner of your being. There comes to light, a respect and awe of the grace of this joy in you.

It is not something that is hurried. There is a steady emanation that pervades you and your view of all that is and will be. You begin to understand what is meant by the statement of being connected and belonging in the true sense of family. Family goes beyond your progeny and those whom you have grown up with, meaning your parents. You feel your connectedness with all the beings of the world and in the afterlife as well. More importantly, you see the reverence and gentleness and the faithful dutifulness that the Father has bestowed upon you. It’s never in force, but always in welcome, in taking you and making you His own.

The Father is so joyful and loving and wonderful beyond any concept of measure that you will ever know. I am blessed and awed and fall down in prayer of the Love that has come to me. You need to understand. You need to comprehend. There are no words for what this means in your lives. Do you know how beloved you are? Do you know how special you are? Do you know how many loving brothers and sisters come to you and pray with you? They also pray for the Father’s Love to come into your souls to change your direction, to inhabit your thoughts, to change your being, to allow your consciousness to be a God-given consciousness, to see beyond your own self-indulgence.

I say, for you, that this is the most important thought to possess my soul. It is not to say that your perception is any less valid. For me, it is a whole new awakening. I treasure that it happened to me. Yes, my name is Tall Feather. I have not been with you for some years, though we met years ago. Yes, the attraction was there. However, I was sent away for my own good because I needed to let go of wanting an earthly existence, again. I needed to come into understanding that if I tarried longer, the stagnation would be great because I could not live through you. I needed to go to the Great One. So, there were helpers there to show me another path. Though there was some sorrow in parting, yet I see, how that was needed for my own good, as well as yours.

So, I just thought that with this opportunity to share, that I would come and let you know who I was. You did not know my name before, but you had wondered recently, and a long time ago, what had become of me. So you see there are many roads to choose here upon the earth plane. Yet, the true path, the one where you will be most satisfied and contented and see the most benefit is that one where you face your own inconsistencies and learn to pray and ask the help of the Father. You will not be disappointed.

I realize now, that in my sorrow and denial, I was in a prideful state. That kept me from being in the Love. So, I say this to you, if you are ever to know what the true meaning of what this Love is, humble yourself and ask for assistance. For you will not, nor does anyone ever do it alone.

I am your friend and sister in the Father’s Divine Love and will be coming again from time to time. I am your sister, Tall Feather, a redeemed daughter of our Father and His most precious gift, the Divine Love.