You do not have to be so preoccupied with wondering that if you are feeling the inflowing of the Love as deeply or intensely as you have in the past. Just know that in holding the desire for the Love, you are giving an invitation of your soul’s willingness to partake in the Love. The Love will act upon you, as you hold a sincere desire to become at-one with your Heavenly Father.

At times, the level will be so intense that will wonder how you can withstand it. Other times, it will be so subtle that you wonder how could you have been so foolish as to think that you were left behind.

If you choose to be in the Love then, it will assist you, especially during those times when you forget who you really are and go back into the patterns and mind- sets, as if this earth is your only plane of existence for you are a soul, a body with a soul.

Remember the importance of you seeking for your spiritual nourishment. For this nourishment is more important than how you take care of your body, your human body, which is not to say to dishonor the body the Father has given you. But it is to ask you to look at where you place your priorities. It is also meant to say to you that given as much time as we have come to spend with you, which is much more time than these opportunities we have to share with you during service, what are you doing in your personal lives to accelerate the transformation of this Love in your lives? When I say accelerate the transformation what I mean is, “What have you done to assist in the integration of this Love into all aspects of your lives?”

What have you done to acknowledge that this Love, Divine Love, has become a part of your makeup? What I am trying to get you to acknowledge is that you need to consciously acknowledge this Love in your lives, not just during prayer sessions, not just during gatherings. Make it something you seek for above all other things.

Make your relationship with God more of a priority. When your relationship with the Father is your priority, you come into a higher realm of understanding. You become transformed and the Divine Love glows in you, changing you, changing your thoughts. You connect with the Great Will of the Father and come to know Him even better than before. You truly realize that you have never been alone, never have for want, and are always being provided for.

There is no nakedness here, only acceptance and worthiness. You calm down enough to acknowledge that this is not as hard as you thought it might be. In fact, it is very simple. Simple enough for a child to comprehend and take on, if you let go of the mind and be led by the soul.

As you see your commonality with the rest of us and your strong and deep connection with the Father, who has patiently Loved us despite our various missteps, and has not in any way wavered in His abiding Love for us. Now, you have a choice to make. The choice being this: As you are each given free wills, and yes, you are given free wills, despite the trappings of being in a role of parent to child, husband to wife, despite those definitions of the many hats you wear. You are still children of the Father. Regardless of where life takes you, or allow it to lead you.

This Love finding lodgment stays with you. You can either ask to take on more of the Love or you can stagnate, by being satisfied by just what is, and go about doing the same things you’ve been doing before. When I say stagnate, what I mean is not actively seeking to increase the Love and forgetting what you have already learned. It is a temporary forgetfulness.

Yet, what about acceleration that you each said that you wanted in your lives? I say each because yes, you each said you wanted to know God more and come to know us better. What I am sharing with you is consider what you are each individually willing to do to increase this Love in your lives. This is something I would like you each to ponder privately. There needs to be no declaration or demonstration to each other. God knows your thoughts and knows your heart and sees all things. So, He will know whether or not your commitment is genuine. He leaves no one in a state of stagnation who wishes to go forward.

Feel the Love. Understand that your transformation in the Love is in the here and now, not in the past for where you may have had moments of insightfulness. (This is not to negate those experiences.) It is to say that let go of the false belief of it only happening in the future. Acknowledge it and accept it as something that can be now. This is an ongoing change and transformation. By ongoing, I mean that you will expand in many realms, if you so chose.

Understand that with the expansion of this Divine Love in your lives, you will begin to see more and more things. Not that they haven’t been there before. It’s just that you have put yourself in condition of making yourself aware and appreciative and sensitive to what has always been there.

Think of it as this, the Father has loved you, and still is loving you and will continue to Love you. Though you have known this in your hearts, yet, even though you have been told this many times and have seen stories of it and even demonstrations of this Love in your live, how fully have you embraced that Truth?

In this moment of feeling the Love, know that the creative force of that Love is ever present to change you and transform you into a better you than you have ever been before.

If this is your desire, do not be afraid to put that forward. Many and all things are offered to you, if you so choose. The integration of the Divine Love, the transformation happens on all planes. As you progress, be open and acknowledge the full force of that. Your thoughts will be changed. Your speech will be changed. Your hearing and comprehension will be changed. You will grow in leaps and bounds, if it is what you so wish.

So, be open, hear and acknowledge the power of the spoken word. When you sincerely pray from your soul, your prayers are answered. Feel the Love and come to know your God.

I am your friend and brother, Jesus Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.