When building your Life, it’s best if you start,
With a Foundation of Love built in your heart.

The walls that surround you will be your family and friends,
Who will lend their support through your life til it ends.

Keep your doors wide open so when Love comes to call,
It will pass over the threshold with no hindrance at all.

And the windows should be large to let out the light,
So your love from within will shine through the night.

Your hearth should be kindled with kindness and care,
To warm those who will need to seek shelter there.

The stairs, when fashioned one-after-another,
Will lead straight on high to your Heavenly Father.

The roof which will rest on this house that Faith forms,
Will protect you from all of life’s passing storms.

So, with the Master Builder to guide from above,
Start constructing your life from His foundation of love.

Copyright 2003 Lynell Wight