I am here, your sister and friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus. The importance of you learning to allow your souls to be in ascendancy over your minds is you giving permission for your soul to expand beyond a measurement or concept that is limiting your abilities. Your soul knows the Love. It aspires even more intensely than before to take on more of that Love.

When you allow your spiritual nature to assert itself, you align yourself in a way that allows you to grow in a more profound and loving manner. Your thoughts are for higher things. You do not look for what your material acquisitions will be. The Love guides you into those situations where you will have those physical needs met.

More importantly, your soul will be taking on a persona of Love, which transforms you into the divine angel. This divine angel being one of God’s beloveds. Yes, I said God’s beloveds. We are all God’s beloved children. I would think you would take on those attributes that liken you more to the divine angel. Those qualities of the Christ Spirit will show forth in you, in your charity, your appreciation of each other, and your goodness.

Your soul needs to come closer to the Father, as your soul seeks out those souls with similar aspirations and also inspires those others to reach for and tangibly receive that Gift that you have been privileged to receive. You create a force field that attracts those souls to you who not only exemplify those qualities, but because you to have even a stronger rapport than ever before with a higher consciousness. A higher consciousness being your ability to connect with those spirits, whether in the flesh or not who will bring about a more rapid change in you to a higher level of love, purity, generosity and acceptance.

The transformation is happening more rapidly now because you have prayed and received a healing. This healing has affected a great number of you. Yes, at June’s meeting and prayer service, but also those whom you have been in contact with and prayed with are also experiencing an acceleration of this Love.

This will have you see with eyes and hear to such a degree that you will not let the influence of the physical distort your aspirations for a soul’s fulfillment and your requirements in the Love.

Thank your Heavenly Father for this. He has seen your soul’s aspirations, longings and found it good. Your needs will be met in this area. Also, give thanks for those things that you are letting go of that have kept you from fully appreciating where you are now.

You are picking up new habits that will bode you well. You are also taking on a greater responsibility in the task before you in assisting your fellow brothers and sisters in coming to know of the kingdom.

This is because you are opening your eyes to who you are and who others are. You are seeing beyond the mask of unworthiness, doubt, insecurity and building upon faith, love and acceptance. Share this gift with others and know that we will assist you.

We love you and will come again. I shall come again. Thank you Father for this opportunity of sharing. I am your sister and friend, Mary the mother of Jesus.