I am here, your brother, B—.

It is good to focus on what it is that we have in common, our purpose in receiving the Love, and not getting so caught up in imagined anxieties and frustrations that are not there. People grow in their own ways for the better. The Father allows, in His Law of Mercy, the opportunity for change and reevaluation, which may also be viewed as patience, acceptance, and the necessity of time, which is merciful. It allows for growth and lets go of all judgment.

So, if you can allow yourselves to expand, you will be on a plane of acknowledgment and existence whereby closets, attics and the basements of our conceptions of “who the other is” allow the fresh air of being cleansed and aired out. Those so-called “musty” concepts and ideas of “who the other is” are allowed the redemption of a housecleaning. Light is shown on those so-called “passages” of so-called “darkness”, and a healing is left in its place.

Let this be a time of mercy. Let this be a time of healing. Do not miss this opportunity for growth and expansion, which is so needed and welcomed. This is a new source of the energizing power and wisdom of the Love. So, I share this with you for you to be able to look and see how solid your foundation is. Acknowledge, yes, common roots. The tree is strong and stable, branching outward into the Light and bearing fruit. This is good.

Look for nourishment in prayer. Look for strength in the Love. Look for the harvest in the energizing properties that are being made manifest. For the Father is merciful and supplying us with what we need. Now as for this being a bumper crop, yes, we do need to acknowledge where we have been, where we are and where we are going. So, look well upon these helpers. Look well upon your brothers and sisters. Be joyous in the Love, the fruitation and the bounty that we are blessed …